5th Annual Portland Pirate Festival

This Sunday I was lucky enough to go to the 5th Annual Portland Pirate Festival! I’ve been wanting to go since I was a freshman in high school, and it was definitely worth the three year wait.

I went with my friend Haley. Originally we were worried because the day before it absolutely POURED down rain, but we decided to go anyways. Luckily, it lightly sprinkled for about five minutes then cleared up while we were at the festival. I actually ended up being too warm in my costume more than once. The only weather-related problem I had was with the fact that the ground was so muddy. That’s largely my fault though, I decided that I just had to wear a pair of high-heeled boots.

Speaking of boots, here’s what I wore:

My headband and bloomers are from my Dark Woods Circus costume, and the sash is made of leftover fabric from both. And except for my pirate gun and sword (which Haley lent me since the only weapon I had was a katana), everything was pulled from my closet.

The main event for Haley and I was the Pirate Scavenger Hunt. We weren’t aware that you had to sign up beforehand, so we got put in a group with some other mateys who were in the same boat. The items were a bit vague and confusing, but one that Haley and I agreed to go get was “A tattoo from the PDX ‘Yar’ booth.” And I got that tattoo…

…In return I had to be put in the stocks. In all honestly it was pretty funny, I agreed immediately. The only problem was that I had to both bend over and crouch down, which felt REALLY awkward.

But like I said, it was fun.

Our group ended up winning third place in the competition, so we each won a little pirate flag, a bottle opener, and a random small prize. I picked a gold Mardi Graz necklace, I felt like I needed more bling anyways.

The main event of the festival was our attempt to beat England’s World Record of 6166 pirates together in one place. Unfortunately we didn’t beat it, but we still had over 1000 pirates at the festival!

The festival was so fun! Seeing everyones’ costumes was really amazing. There were elaborate period costumes, thrown together ones like mine, and casual Halloween-esque outfits just for fun. I really hope I can go again next year, and maybe sew myself some sort of pirate queen costume. And maybe I’ll go back in the stocks again.

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