Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone had a good Halloween! Halloween has always been a favorite holiday of mine, and I’ve heard the same from most other lolitas and cosplayers.

This year the highlight of my Halloween was helping my school’s anime club to run a Halloween Room at the school on Halloween day. My friends and I are officers of the anime club, and we ensure that we get to watch awesome stuff. For instance, we’re finishing up FLCL next week, and last year some of our highlights were Gurren Lagan, DURARARA!!, and Kimi ni Todoke.

Since Haley and I still have our Dark Woods Circus costumes all ready, we suggested the theme of our Halloween Room be the Circus, and the other officers agreed. We actually ended up having one of the best rooms, we were told, even though we did everything in a rush and only had four people working compared to most rooms with 6+ people.

Our room looked so cool, so I’m going to leave you with a picspam to show it off.

Our room was off in a corner on the opposite side of the area that most rooms were in, so we wanted people to be able to find us.

Some of my pictures turned out blurry because our room wasn’t super bright. It was completely lit by various colors of Christmas lights and flameless candles. Here’s Malia and Karleen, President and Vice President of the anime club.

Fishing Game.

Coloring Station.

Another view of the Coloring Station.

Our food area.

We ended up running out of all of this, plus over 100 popcorn ball “brains” made by Karleen and several huge bags of candy.

I made a special Halloween playlist of creepy/Halloween-y Vocaloid songs that we played on my iPod the whole time, it really set the atmosphere, plus you could faintly hear it outside of the room which added a cool effect once you found out where the sound was coming from.

A view from the back of the room.

Haley sat outside the room and welcomed people, apparently she scared a few kids and they didn’t want to come in, haha.

It was fun.

By the way, here’s my anime club’s blog.

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