Valentine’s Day, Animal Crossing, and Knitting

Sorry for being gone so long! I’ve been doing costume work on my school’s production of “You Can’t Take it With You,” and it opens this week. Unfortunately I also got sick this weekend, and I’m home from school (and play practice) today.

The day before Valentine’s Day my friends and I got together to do a little photoshoot with some of our costumes. I just finished my costume of Mugi from K-ON last month, so I took an opportunity to wear that:

Photo by Jameson (my boyfriend <3)

Photo by Cristina, edited by Dana

It was really fun, and my boyfriend also got me a gift for Valentine’s Day:

So sweet of him! I love him so much!

Lately I’ve been doing two things: Knitting and playing Animal Crossing: Wild World. I go through phases of playing Animal Crossing–for a few weeks I can’t put it down and then one day I just stop playing and don’t pick it back up for a few months. Right now I’m going strong!

Here’s the first story of my house! I love finding such cute, whimsical things to put in my house. This game is too adorable! I would give out my friend code, but at both my parents’ houses the Wi-Fi connection isn’t compatible with the game so I can only connect to people via DS-to-DS.

So at my local craft store I found this neat yarn:

I had no clue how it would look knitted together, and I was kind of worried. And then I made a scarf out of it and it was amazing:

(my hair looks awful here, I had just gotten out of the shower)

I call it a marshmallow scarf! They sell the yarn in white, brown, pink, green, blue, and lavender. I actually just sold that lavender one to my newspaper teacher for $15. I’m thinking of selling them online, too! I also have some more ideas for stuff I can make with other types of yarn, so I’m going to go buy some more soon.

Actually, my birthday is in a little less than a week! On March 1st, I turn 18! It’s really exciting! And then in April I’m going to Sakuracon in Seattle! I’m going to be cosplaying as well as participating in the lolita fashion show on the last day. Oh wow I have a lot of work to do… I need to get well!!!

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