Some outfits + I am now 18!

Sorry for the lack of updates! Hopefully I’ll be able to post some more in the coming weeks.

Tuesday, March 1st was my 18th birthday! It’s so weird now, to think that I’m a legal adult. It’s fun! I keep seeing these things that don’t apply to me now that I’m 18. For instance, tomorrow morning I’m going to the DMV to take my permit test, and I was worried about remembering to get my proof of enrollment and I just found out that because I’m 18, I don’t need it.
Just things like that are nice.

So in the week that my school performed “You Can’t Take it With You,” I decided to try out two Japanese fashions that have been on my mind.

First, Mori Girl. Last year I tried the style, but my outfit basically consisted of putting on all the warm clothes I owned, so it didn’t look so good. Here’s what I wore this time:

I think everything is from Forever 21, Old Navy, or Target.

A detail shot of my tops:

I really liked how the lac-on-lace looked. Also unfortunately you can’t see it, but my necklace has a little gold owl on it.

My hair accessories:

I’ve been frustrated with my hair lately, but I think it actually worked surprisingly well for Mori! I made the bow hair clip a while ago, it’s just made of felt.
I also went light on the makeup because I was going with the natural feel.

I really liked wearing this outfit, it was really warm. Long skirts, I’ve noticed, actually keep me warmer than pants do. It’s like wearing a blanket!

Later in the week I decided to try out Dolly Kei. At first this style didn’t really appeal to me, but then one day I was looking at pictures of it and I suddenly fell in love. It’s strange how that happens, huh?

Headband and Owl Necklace: Forever 21
Blouse: Anthropologie
Dress: Brass Plum
Tights, Socks, Boots: Target

Detail shot:

The beetle necklace is actually from my great grandma who passed away at the end of last year. I always remember her wearing it when I was little, so it’s nice to have it now and think of her whenever I wear it.

Makeup shot:

I LOVE how my makeup turned out! The eyeshadow is actually from a blush palate I bought at the mall for super cheap a while ago, it would look awful as blush but it made a good eyeshadow. My lashes are from Bodyline, only $1. And then I think this might just be my new favorite lipstick! I love the color so much. The only problem is that it gets dry and flakes off, but I’ll survive.

I don’t know if my outfit was a great example of Dolly Kei, but I liked wearing it. I’m going to keep the fashion in mind next time I go shopping, I felt like the colors were really flattering to me. Also it made me like my hair, just like in Mori.

Also the other day I realized I have a “World is Mine” Miku cosplay finished!

The white shirt I bought with this costume in mind, but everything else I just happened to have. I’m going to try to buy some red heels before I actually wear it to a con or photoshoot, but this outfit is so comfy and the wig is so pretty that I want to wear it to Sakuracon!

Speaking of Sakuracon, oh god it’s in two months. Someone shoot me.

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