Deco Party!

Yesterday my friends and I had a big party to try out some deco-den techniques and hang out. We ordered cabochons and pearls online and bought clay, glue, and caulk to transform our phones and other electronics into the dazzling cuties we keep seeing online. I guess you could say it was a makeover of our accessories!

We had the party at my house since we have a lot of space. Here’s the first table we set up:

And here’s the second table:

And then the food that my mom and I set up:

Actually, by the end of it, we ate everything except for a few pieces of melon and celery and a few cookies. We ate that entire plate of cookies plus almost all of a second one and we ate two bags of chips too lol. Eight girls go through food quickly!

So we quickly went to work. We had cabochons shaped like crowns, lollipops, cats, strawberries, bunnies, cakes, and so many other things I can’t even list them. The rest of my pictures are just of what we made, so here’s a quick overview of everything we decorated:

That’s a lot of deco. Plus we had a bunch of ring blanks so we made rings as well.

I’m so stylish in my overalls.

You can see up close pictures of all the stuff we made right here on my flickr account, but I just want to show off my pride and joy, my DS Lite:

This was my only chance to use the caulk, but I was horrible at it so Elaine helped me. She’s a pro at putting down icing, so she used her skills to help people with the caulk. I have contact paper underneath the deco, so if I break my DS or don’t want the design anymore (but how could I not?) I can just peel it off.

Spring break just started for me, so it’s time to kick it into gear for Sakuracon! I have a few more things to make and then I’m good!

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3 Responses to Deco Party!

  1. Miss Lumpy says:

    Cute! You guys look like you had a lot of fun. I’m so jealous of all your supplies!

  2. Sweetsxholic says:

    I’m jealous! I can’t wait until I’m living in Portland, dude.

  3. Katie says:

    @Lumpy- All of the supplies were individually fairly inexpensive, but we had a lot of people which meant a lot of supplies. Some of the cabochons were only about 3 HKD for a pack which is less than 1 USD.

    @Kirsty- I can’t wait either! We’ll have a lolita deco party. That could be a fun meetup!

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