Sucker Punch Meetup!

This past weekend I got a chance to see Sucker Punch with some of the other Oregon lolitas!

Here’s the group:

Left to right: Amy, Ariann, me, Holly, Diana, Rikki.

And here are some closeups:






Before seeing the movie, we browsed around the mall a little bit and we found a cool poster store.

There were also awesome cutouts:

Then we headed to the theater, but Rikki wasn’t staying for the movie so we took our important photos:

Shoe shot! Rikki broke the mold by wearing brown ones haha.

Skirt shot! My plain black skirt looks so lame compared to everyone else ;^;

We have to do this at every meetup.

And then we saw the movie and my mind was blown. I absolutely loved it! Emily Browning is one of my favorite actresses plus I love over-the-top superhero-esque movies, and this was definitely one of those haha. The music was really great too, I’m listening to it right now. I kind of want to see it again even though I already know how it ends.

But after the movie ended we found another lolita who came late!

And we took a second group shot:

My camera was having focus issues :\

Afterwards, Holly, Holly’s boyfriend, Diana, and I went to Uwajimaya, an Asian grocery store nearby because Diana had never been before. There’s also a Kinokuniya bookstore inside the main building so we went shopping.

They have so many stickers!

Also Anpanman.

And here are the goodies I came home with:

This is basically strawberry Ramune, I like it because it’s only about $2 because it’s not in the fancy bottle, and that works for me because it actually has more soda in it than the glass bottle does!

Konpeito, or sugar stars. The only two ingredients are sugar and food coloring, just my kind of candy!

Red bean paste bun ❤ I love pastries like this. It ended up being part of my breakfast the next morning.

So I posted my outfit from this meet plus details to daily_lolita but if you don’t feel like clicking the post, here it is:

I edited the colors of this pic because I was playing around in iPhoto when I first uploaded the pictures.

Hat: Target
Cardigan: Forever 21
Blouse: Target
Skirt: Selfmade
Bag: Fake Chanel (bought in Mexico haha)
Tights: Hot Topic
Shoes: Bodyline

And some accessory shots:

Wristcuffs (that you can’t see fffff-): Hot Topic
Opal ring: shop in Mexico
Doves ring: Anime convention
Aquamarine ring: 18th birthday gift
Purple gemstone ring: antique, from my great-grandma
Nail polish: “Nevermore” by OPI

Closeup of the dove + opal rings:

Closeup of butterfly brooch:

Also antique and left to me from my great-grandma.

Makeup shot:

Lashes: Bodyline
Necklace: Forever 21
All makeup from Ulta and Sephora.

The meetup was REALLY fun, and I was happy to meet new people! It’s really funny how much the local group has changed in terms of styles and brands worn. I’ve been trying to wear more gothic lolita than sweet, although I just bought AP’s Milky Berry OP in mint from my friend Kirsty as well as some accessories from Bodyline to coordinate with it.
I’ll be wearing it to the lolita dinner at Sakuracon this year! It’s only a few weeks til the con, oh god.

For anyone curious, this is my schedule for April weekends:
First weekend: sew and plan like crazy
Second weekend: Japan Night at my school; Nichole’s cosplay picnic
Third weekend: fly to Anaheim for a student journalist convention + Disneyland
Fourth weekend: Sakuracon

…Why am I not working right now?!

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