Milky Berry and Black Shatter ♥

A while ago I heard that my friend Kirsty was selling her mint Milky Berry one-piece because it was too big for her and immediately asked to buy it. Milky Berry, especially in mint, is one of my dream prints and the fact that the OP has full back shirring makes it one of my dream prints I could actually wear.

Kirsty is an absolute sweetheart and held the dress for me as I got my money and paypal together and this weekend I finally got it!

I was right about the shirring. I have a bust of 37 inches and a waist of 32, and the dress actually fits pretty well. It’s a tiny bit tight in the bust, but nothing too bad.

This is part of the coord that I’m planning on wearing at Sakuracon. I have a red cardigan and red shoes on the way from Bodyline (they tried to deliver them today but no one was home, grrrrr…) and then the outfit will be complete!

This is my first “real” brand piece, not to mention my first Angelic Pretty one. It’s really bizarre looking and seeing this dress in my closet along with the handmade clothes and stuff from Target that I usually wear. I’ve been interested in lolita fashion since about 7th grade; almost six years ago (Oh god I just realized that’s a really long time). And then I started wearing lolita in 10th grade and started moving my way up, and here I am at the end of 12th grade with my first Angelic Pretty dress.

It’s just… weird.

But in a good way, of course.

Have I mentioned I’m in love with this dress? Just everything is so pretty!

The bodice is SO PRETTY! It’s kind of Rococo-esque with the satin bows and layered lace.

Look at the little bow detail on the sleeve omg ♥♥♥

Okay so the other excitement from this weekend is that I finally got my hands on OPI’s “Black Shatter” polish from the Katy Perry collection! I’m not a huge fan of Katy Perry myself, but this polish is SO FREAKING COOL!

I was in a rush so I apologize for how messy it is, ugh. But this is Black Shatter over OPI’s “Cherry Blossom”.

And here it is again over L’Oreal’s “Party Hop,” which is a super light, shiny lavender. I actually had never used Party Hop and liked it on it’s own, but I think brighter colors look better under Black Shatter. Also this was my first try, which is why it looks better over Cherry Blossom.
Just as I thought, Black Shatter is SO COOL~~~

Oh man I feel like this entry is huge, but I also I have two other things to mention real quick:

I cut the bangs of my favorite Arda wig and I fell in love with it all over again! I’m going to wear it with my coord at Sakuracon, the bright blonde really pops with Milky Berry.

Btw, what do you guys think about the redxwhite striped tights? I threw them on on a whim and I actually kind of like them. I’ll wait til I get my shoes and cardigan to see, but I might actually wear them instead of my pink otks. Although the pink in the otks ties in the pink with my bag and there’s pink on my hat too… Well I have some time.

And, finally, I got a little haircut! I really like it. I have super super thick hair so the less of it there is, the better. I miss having long hair, but short hair (especially since it’s been bleached and dyed) is better for me right now.

Okay so I have a ton more pictures I wanted to post, but I don’t want to make this post too much longer. For more close-ups of Milky Berry (the details, the print, etc) and also more pics of Black Shatter, check out my Flickr!

Thank you guys so much for reading all this!

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6 Responses to Milky Berry and Black Shatter ♥

  1. Shannon says:

    I already said this on facebook, but I would like to FURTHER EMPHASIZE my love for the second coord that you put together on a whim. And I actually think the red/white ties in better with the dress then pink does. I just never liked when girls pair pink with this dress, it’s just one of those colors that may technically be on the dress, but doesn’t match very well. And the wig looks awesome.

    Someone should totally use the black shatter nail polish for a matryoshka cosplay

  2. Katie says:

    Haha really? I’m actually leaning towards the second one too. But I think the red cardigan I put on in the pic helps too. When I get the real one I’m going to wear, which is long sleeved, I’ll try everything on again
    I’m just worried because my planned bag is pink, although I think it looks a bit off with the print. Hmmm, I have a purse coming to me that’s white and looks like a stuffed sheep, maybe I could use that to play up the country lolita feel? Because my hat has pink flowers on it so I don’t want to make it look out of place. Well tomorrow I’ll be able to hopefully make a better decision D: I’m just glad that the dress has pockets, I’ll be able to carry my phone, wallet, and ipod without any problem at least.

    AND YESSSSSSSS I want to do Matryoshka Meiko so badly.

    • Shannon says:

      We shall see then! You could always try replacing the pink flowers with red ones? Or adding red flowers to offset/hide the pink ones. OH and a little lamb purse would be ADORABLE.

      haha YES! That would be perfect! Ugh I still kind of want to cosplay that, as wells as DWC Miku..but it seems like everyone is doing her ;__;

  3. hcookies2011 says:

    luv the milk berry dress!

  4. Colleen Duffy says:

    Have I ever told you how freaking adorable you are??? Well you are, FREAKING ADORABLE. And our dress is the cutest thing ever as well~! ❤ I may just et into lolita after seeing that! 😀

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