April was crazy busy for me! The first Friday we had my school’s Japan Night fundraiser event where I helped run a Japanese fashion show, the second weekend I went down to Anaheim for a Student Journalism Convention (also Disneyland haha) and then the third weekend was Sakuracon up in Seattle, Washington!

I went up to the con on Thursday, pre-reg day. My friend and future roommate Shannon drove all the way up from Northern California and picked up me and our friend Cristina on the way through Portland, and we had a road trip adventure. Once we got up to Seattle we got settled in, got our badges, and went swimming.

On day 1 of the convention, Cristina and I wore our Panty and Stocking cosplays while Shannon wore a costume from Arakawa Under the Bridge.

At one point the photographer Eurobeat King took a few pictures of Cristina and me:


Later on we ran into a few other Panty and Stocking cosplayers that we got pictures with:

Such a cute Panty!

Adorable Stocking and Brief!

It’s funny, I think that the other Panty and Stocking look how Cristina and I will look like when we’re older. Not that the other ladies are old, they’re just more mature-looking, you know what I mean?

Cristina and I also got a few pictures with Jessica Nigri in her Cop Panty costume:

(she was really nice, by the way)

On the way to get changed, Shannon found a few other Arakawa cosplayers and stopped for a picture:

Shannon and I changed into our K-ON costumes, with her as Mio and me as Mugi. We also met up with our friend Sahara, who was Ritsu, and went to the premiere of the English K-ON dub. Before the dub, the voice actresses for Yui, Ritsu, and Mugi “performed” some of the songs from the series (and by perform I mean they pretended to play instruments, although they actually sang very well).

I thought the dub was pretty good, and I usually hate English dubs.

After the event, the three of us headed to the Dealer’s Hall to go shopping and we ended up running into the Mugi and Azusa from the show along with Ritsu’s voice actress!

After all these adventures we got pretty hungry, so we stopped to eat a late lunch.

Sahara is a messy eater.

All this adventure happened in one day, and it wasn’t even over yet! That evening the three of us plus a cosplayer we met (who was also named Katie!) went to the masked ball where we proceeded to dance like little kids at a wedding, jumping around to classical music as the people around us danced in partners. And after the dance, Shannon and I changed and went to our first 18+ panel, Zapp Brannigan’s Loveline. I decided to wear lolita to the panel, and it was my only chance to wear Milky Berry during the con. I ran into my good friend Holly on the way, and we stopped for a picture:

Adorable! I don’t get to see Holly very often so it was nice to chat with her.

After the panel we sat around for a bit before going to bed at around midnight. This one day seriously felt like the entire con.

The next day was Adventure Time! I went to Shannon’s hotel room to apply body paint, and people started recognizing us the second we walked into the con.

Shannon looks so elegant here as Marceline, but I look ridiculously derpy in my Princess Bubblegum costume, so please don’t hold it against me! I look awful in these pictures but everyone else looks good so I might as well post them.

Then we met up with Sahara again, who was our Lumpy Space Princess, and met SO MANY FINNS!

Sahara scared that one.


Sahara was seriously ridiculously popular.


Shannon with another awesome Marceline~

Shannon and I also bought and wore matching kigurumi that day, and they are crazy comfy!

After lounging around, we changed back into our “regular” costumes and got in line for Zapp Brannigan’s Spaceship of Love 2. We got in line almost an hour and a half early but were still a ways back in line. I was worried this would happen so we brought a bunch of food with us and had a picnic as we waited for the panel to start.

Zapp had said online to bring groups of three characters from the same series and the same gender to the panel in order to participate in something, so our goal was to participate in this “something” and we actually managed to do it!

Oh god this video makes us look so dumb, but here it is. We show up at about 3:16.

After that embarrassment, we all got our jobs on the Spaceship of Love (mine was Candy Dispenser). After that Shannon and I put our kigurumi back on and ran around the con like idiots; trying that “Let’s Dance” game and laughing at people at karaoke (hey it was midnight). I ended up going to bed at 1 am.

The first thing I did on the last day was a quick Easter-themed photoshoot with Shannon and Sahara with our friend Tom. All these pictures were taken by him:

If you’re interested, Tom has more photos on his Flickr, which I linked to above.

Then I had to go pack up and change for the lolita fashion show! I wore two outfits; a gothic coord that I brought and an outfit designed and made by Aridia of Ridi Kitty Design. Before the show I started feeling really sick, so I had to go take a little walk, but then I was fine.

Here’s the gothic outfit:

I had to borrow Sahara’s shoes since I forgot my RHS back home in Portland.

And then Ridi Kitty’s outfit:

I love the outfit so much! But I was bloated from bad con food and I forgot my body shaper so I look all lumpy in the outfit ;^; But the good thing was that I brought a good bra so the low cut of the blouse gave me awesome cleavage hahaha. Not the most lolita thing in the world, but I kind of want to buy the blouse from Aridia and use it in some sort of ero-loli outfit ;D

After the show I ended up getting sick and throwing up. I think it was a combination of dehydration and not getting enough sleep, but after a good night’s rest that evening I felt just fine by Monday.

I have to say that Sakuracon 2011 was the best con I’ve ever been to! I loved getting to hang out with Shannon and Sahara, it was so fun! Spending time with Cristina was fun too, I love being her Stocking haha.

Now here’s a quick dump of some other cosplayers I took pictures of. If you see yourself here, please let me know! I’ll link to your deviantART or Cosplay.com account or wherever you’d like me to!

Main Character from Minecraft

HIM from Power Puff Girls

Kyubei (COOBIE) from Puella Magi Madoka Magica


Ahiru/Princess Tutu from Princess Tutu

Mami from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

ROXY from Scott Pilgrim (aka Hipster Bullshit)

Amber from Sucker Punch

Adorable Mareep and Flaafy Gijinkas from Pokemon

Miku from the “Midnight Bear” PV
(so excited I recognized her!)

My friends Spork, Holly, and Kim as characters from One Piece
(I’ve never watched/read it |D)

Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

And that’s all! I also bought some cool stuff at Sakuracon, as well as Disneyland, so in my next post I’ll probably just show off what I bought. But anyways, thank you for reading! Bye!

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