Goodies from Disneyland and Sakuracon!

Last post I said I’d take pics of the various things I bought in both Disneyland and Sakuracon, so here they are!

The first thing I bought in Disneyland was a pair of these Princess-style Mickey ears. Unfortunately I was too excited to realize that they’re child-sized, and they kept sliding off my head. Ooops!

Throughout the park I kept seeing people with these cute Minnie ears, and it was driving me crazy because I couldn’t find them! Eventually I asked a person working in one of the stores and apparently they’re only sold in Critter Town, so we headed down there just to buy these adorable ears!

Aren’t they adorable?! They weren’t too expensive, either, or at least not as expensive as other things in Disneyland haha.

I knew I wanted to buy something Marie-themed, but I didn’t have much to pick from. I saw this adorable Baby Marie the first day we went to the park and I ended up buying her on the last day. I have two Marie plushes now; this one and one from the Disney Store in the mall that my boyfriend got my for my birthday.

Next up are my Sakuracon purchases

Mugi! Shannon and I found a full set of these charms, each with a different K-ON girl sitting on something related to a tea party. Shannon bought Mio sitting on a teacup and we convinced Sahara to buy Ritsu sitting on a slice of cake.

I only found this Honeneko in the dealer’s hall AFTER I changed out of Stocking, derp. I had originally ordered one online, but this one was way cheaper so I canceled my online order.

Hahahaha the infamous 2-way star clips. I actually didn’t know 6% Doki Doki sold them, so when I checked out their booth I HAD to buy it! Apparently I bought the last one in this color, too. What bandwagon?

This ring was something I specifically wanted to buy when I heard 6% Doki Doki was coming to the con. Unfortunately I accidentally left it on the ground after leaving the Lolita Fashion Show, but Kirsty found it and gave it back to me, but after she did I noticed that little piece missing from it >>>: It drives me crazy every time I see it, but I’ll survive. At least if it gets mixed up I’ll know which one is mine?

A Swimmer bag! There was a super cute Lolita reseller there at the con who sold some Swimmer stuff. Unfortunately the colors in this photo are super washed out, they’re way nicer and brighter in person. This bag is so nice though, it’s both adorable and holds a ton of stuff!

Finally, my all-time favorite buy at the con! A giant Korilakkuma! Korilakkuma is my favorite character ever, and one of Kirsty’s friends told me about how awesome these giant plushes are, so I got one on the last day when it was on sale. The bow was added by me.

I made this actually, I’m wearing lolita on Sunday and I’ll be using Korilakkuma as an accessory/pillow and since I didn’t have any space in my outfit for it, I gave this bow to him. If I sold these, would anyone be interested? They’re based on a bow that Chocomint sells.

This is how huge he is, by the way. He’s super squishy and soft, I had him with me on the last day of Sakuracon while I was waiting to leave and I fell asleep on him more than once haha.

So speaking of this weekend, I’m going to be attending Wonder Northwest, a local comics and pop culture con that a few of my friends are helping to run. It’s 2 days and in Portland, and the entire weekend costs just $10 to attend! On the first day I’ll be wearing my Roxy costume with a group of other Scott Pilgrim cosplayers, and then on the second day I’ll be wearing OTT Sweet Lolita (hence Korilakkuma’s bow) for my friend Holly’s Lolita Fashion Show.

It’ll be SUPER fun, and I’ll be sure to take a ton of pictures. Thank you for reading!

Oh, by the way, I added a feed on the right side of my blog that displays my Twitter posts, if you’re interested.

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