Wonder NorthWest!

Hey guys! A little while ago I attended the first ever Wonder Northwest convention in Portland!

The con was two days long, which is a great way to start a new convention. There was a huge dealers hall/artist alley that was the majority of the con, and it was full of old comic books for sale at outrageously cheap prices, vintage toys, retro video games, and all sorts of other nerd merchandise! Dark Horse Comics even had a big booth with lots of free goodies for the attendees. There was one panel room and a game room with legos, card games, and board games. All in all, definitely a great first year for the con. The staff were all delightful, and next year I think I’ll volunteer too.

On the first day I wore Roxy along with a bunch of my friends as other Scott Pilgrim characters. My friend Zach is there as Gideon, and Tom took the picture.

I didn’t get many pictures the first day, but at the end of it we played Rock Band 3! I’m on the drums.

SO INTENSE. We were playing “Bad Romance” if that explains anything hahaha.

On the second day I wore lolita to a con for the first time in over a year~

I had so much stuff and was so poofy (big skirt, big wig, big bow) that I got to sit shotgun in Haley’s car while her boyfriend sat in the backseat haha!

When I got to the con, Holly was running registration and OMGGGGGGG SHE IS SO CUTE! Look at that adorable sweetheart, I can’t get over her! She ran the lolita fashion show that happened later in the day.

Tom ran a few small contests among us, one of them being a prize to the person who took the best picture of him taking a picture. Dana actually won for this shot I took of her taking. PICEPTION!

There was an actual DJ at the con! He was mixing music and doing the turntables and everything, it was awesome!

Before the show, we took some pictures. Dana took this super cool one of me showing off my deco’d DS, and it’s also my new blog header.

This one is hilarious! My boyfriend bought a Sonic Screwdriver toy in the dealers hall and so we all had to play with it. I’m in the top panel, Cristina is in the second one, and my new friend Meggan is in the bottom one.

The fashion show! I ended up being the first model, I was so nervous! This was also my first time wearing Milky Berry to a con/around other lolitas and I think I got a pretty good reaction. My outfit (especially the accessories) is more over the top than what I’d wear to a meetup or to hang out with friends, but I wanted to be as crazy as I could be!

Meggan went after me and was so cute! And look how great her smile is, I’m so jealous!

Unfortunately my battery started dying so Haley only took pics of me and the girls I know. Later in the show Dana walked, what the heck she worked it better than any of us on the runway! Seriously, look at this:


A great candid shot of us after we walked, hahaha.

This might be my all-time favorite pic! Haley worked some serious magic with my camera, I can’t get over how cool this is!

And Holly’s amazing pirate lolita outfit!

I wish I could’ve gotten pictures of all the models, but my camera is very finicky when it comes to batteries >: Hopefully after graduation I’ll be buying a much nicer camera; mine is about 3 years old and very worn out.

I took this pic after the show and it won one of Tom’s contests, this one challenging us to take a picture that Tom himself wished he had taken. I was surprised, I took this on a whim but I’m not complaining!

We are classy.

After the show Holly let us pick out some free gifts provided by her and Billy Galaxy, and Meggan managed to snag a cool Baby The Stars Shine Bright headbow.

I got a headbow that we think is Angelic Pretty, but it doesn’t have a tag and was only $15 online, according to Holly. But either way it’s adorable and I need some hair accessories that aren’t ridiculous tulle bows or 6% DokiDoki items.

After we left the show, our friend Jason took a few pictures of us.

After the show we stuck around and watched the cosplay contest because some of our friends were in it.

I made a little video of the con, and it’s mostly footage from the costume contest with other things mixed in too. Here’s it is:

The next con I go to I’ll make a much cooler video that’s a lot more interesting, so sorry about the crappiness of that one ;^;

After the contest we headed home and I promptly went to sleep.

I LOVED Wonder Northwest! I am 100% going to go again next year, most likely as a volunteer, and I’m going to be bringing Shannon. And next time I’ll be on the lookout for the Star Trek x X-Men crossover comics (both of them!) that I know exist >:3

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2 Responses to Wonder NorthWest!

  1. Rikki says:

    Haha I love the video you made! Holly is adorable XD I wish I would’ve stayed for the cosplay contest >_< I wish I could go next year, too, but I'll be far away in Missouri 😦

    • Katie says:

      Holly is the cutest!
      And bawwwww I wish you weren’t going so far away >>>: But I’ll take more pics and videos next year and it’ll be like you did go!

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