Lolita Videos to Cure Boredom!

High school is coming to a close for me in two weeks. My workload of homework has really slowed down, and I’m so ready for summer!
I’ve been finding myself super bored lately, and one of my cures for boredom is watching videos featuring adorable lolitas. In fact, I’m super bored right now (I’m at school during my first period release, ugh) and since both Facebook and Tumblr are blocked, I’m perusing YouTube. Here are some of my favorite lolita videos to check out when you’re bored or need a shot of cuteness!

Angelic Pretty Tea Party in Paris Compilation Video

Sweet Lolita Plays “Dance Central” to “Just Dance”

Normal Girl Transforms to Sweet Lolita

Beat-boxing with Lolita Whistling

The lolita whistling was the 2007 Jr. World Champion for whistling. So much talent!

Two Little Dancing Lolitas

This video is a classic haha~

Misako’s Life

Dutch Lolita Feature

There are English subtitles for this, you just need to turn on CC.

Lolita Wardrobe

Frill It Up

Happy Birthday Asuka at Angelic Pretty Paris

Individual Fashion Expo Featuring Lolita

Hors Serie Lolita Feature Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

I hope these videos have helped to cure your boredom! I know they’ve cured mine haha~
And if you think you have an awesome lolita video that I missed, leave a link to it in the comments!

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