International Lolita Day Meetup at Pittock Mansion!

I’m going to apologize ahead of time for the wonky picture sizes; I usually host my pics on flickr but since I haven’t upgraded to a paid account it won’t let me host all of them so these are all pulled from my Facebook. Sorry about that!

For the summer ILD, I planned a meetup for the Portland lolitas to go walk around Pittock Mansion and then have a picnic on the grounds. Pittock Mansion is a really cool piece of Portland history. It’s this beautiful Victorian house was completed in 1914 and the couple that built it helped build early Portland up to what it is today. After they died, the city ended up buying the mansion and turning it into a museum for people to walk through, complete with time-accurate furniture and decorations. I had never actually been, so this was really exciting for me!

The staircase right when you walk in was gorgeous, so Ashlee made everyone pose on it. Here’s what I wore that day.

And Ashlee…

…And Xander! Xander is a newcomer to our group, dressed in boystyle.

This is part of the kitchen. All that food and the glass of milk is fake! They really go the extra mile to make everything realistic.

More of the kitchen.

We all agreed the kitchen floor was crazy! Doesn’t it look like puzzle pieces?

There were lots of really cool places to take photos! Ariann is posing for her friend Amber.

Beautiful harp in one of the rooms! There was also a pretty piano next to it. The windows in the room were huge and let in a ton of light which is why the pic is so dark.

Chandelier! There were two of them!

Pretty china in the same room.

The same room. Can I just live here?

I can’t get over how cute Jenna is!

This is the original front entrance. Ashlee wanted us to pose in front of it and it turned out so cool!

Amber noticed this cool reflection from the door and posed in front of it.

Ariann did the same. Such a cool Through the Looking-Glass feel!

Then Kirsty and Lindsey showed up! Lindsey and I were unintentionally twinning, I was so excited to see we matched!

I need this fan, it was so hot that day! Victorian mansions don’t have A/C, either 😛

This is an upstairs bedroom; the view from here overlooked the city of Portland which is why everyone is taking pictures. Again, the windows let in a TON of light which is why the pic is so dark.

Here’s the view.

Finally a picture of Kirsty! She’s so cute and tiny ❤

Long-lost relatives, perhaps?

OH GOD THIS SHOWER! It looked like some sort of torture chamber DDD:

…So we all took turns posing it it, of course.

“This sucks.”

Fairy soap!

Ashlee had to go to the bathroom lol

I need this tea set in my life.

Milky Berry sandwich!

Super creepy children’s room D: Normally I don’t mind dolls at all, but dat clown puppet-thing…

Uhhhh yeah…

So pretty!

This is such a cool shot!



This staircase was crazy!


Yes they’re taking pictures of that cat painting ahahaha~

In the bottom floor there was this changing display; but there’s this one in the very back about the history of Pittock Mansion. It’s pretty cool that we have something like this in town!

And then it was picnic time! Some of the girls opted to wait outside rather than walk around the mansion, so we all met up together and had a potluck!

Kirsty, Lindsey, Ashlee.

Rikki, Xander, Amber, Ariann.

Laura, Rikki.

Natalie, Crystal.

Jenna’s bf and Jenna!

I was worried about having enough food for everyone, but it was perfect! This is like half of everything. I’m so glad everyone brought such delicious food!

Ashlee took this cute pic of me ❤

Time for outfit shots!

Rikki is rocking country style!

Lindsey coordinates amazingly~

Kirsty is flawless, as always ♥

Natalie has the coolest dress ever!

Xander is representing boystyle!

I don’t know how to pose lol.

Ashlee makes her mini skirt look adorably loli~


Jenna is a cutie trooper for wearing those shoes all day ♥

Ariann is a master seamstress!

Amber is a supermodel, seriously.

Lindsey and I were twinsies~

She’s so much taller than me though! MONSTER LOLI!

Group shot! Unfortunately Ashlee and Xander both got clipped a bit >:

Shoe shot!

Fingers! This is our new thing to do at every meet haha~


It was SO HOT that day! Oregon had been having wonky fall-like weather until Saturday when it went “OH LOL IT’S JUNE” and jumped up to 80 degrees @_@

To quote Rikki: “This is probably the best thing that has ever happened.”

“No wait, THIS is the best thing that has ever happened”

Sweets together! We were trying to pose in front of the mansion but there was this awkward slope we tried to pose on for some reason hahaha

We all had strawberries on our dresses!

Dark outfits!




Milky Berry Dinos!

And then we found some stairs.

Ahahaha I love my pose in the front~

Eventually everyone started to leave since it was so hot and we were all pooped from walking around in the heat.

Finally, here’s a little video I put together of a few funny moments during the meet, nothing fancy:

This meet was so fun! I met so many new people! We already have two other meets planned this month; so I’m excited to see everyone again so soon! This is one of my best meets I’ve ever planned, and I hope I can do it again ❤

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