Cute Cute CUTE!

Okay, this is going to be a somewhat long post with LOTS of pictures.

First off, I’ve officially graduated from high school!! Friday night was my graduation 😀

A pic of my friends Andrew, Jessica, and I in our caps and gowns. I don’t actually have my diploma yet since my school mails them to us next week.

So that night I went to the all-night grad party put on by my school, got home at about 6 am, and went to sleep. Then I got up at around noon, got dressed up, and went to a lolita meetup with Holly! Pretty much the perfect day haha.

Here’s what I wore to the meetup:

We were going to see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Strange Tides and we had a pirate theme, but since I didn’t have any pirate stuff that was lolita I went with a mermaid theme. I didn’t have time to make anything, so this is all stuff I threw together.

At my grad party they had airbrush tattoos so I had to get this Batman one, along with almost all of my friends hahaha! I felt like a badass having it under my blouse like that.

That picture was taken on my new baby, my Macbook Pro that I got as a graduation gift ❤ This is my first laptop and the first computer I've had that's been solely mine. It's so exciting!

The meetup was really small, it was just Holly, Ashlee, and me. Another lolita (who’s name is didn’t catch!) showed up for dinner with us at Koji’s Osakaya downtown but then didn’t stay around for the movie >:

I’m cool.

Holly stuck with the pirate theme! She MADE those bloomer shorts, can you believe it?

I am so jelly of Ashlee’s dress, it’s my absolute dream print. I pretty much stared at it the entire meet haha.

Both before and after the movie we got frozen yogurt at a do-it-yourself frozen yogurt place that had just opened in the mall, and this place had CRAZY toppings! It seems like every time I go to a different one it has more and more variety. This place had green olives, I’m not even kidding. This is less than half of all the toppings!

So yesterday I ended up going to Goodwill and Fantasy Video (my first sex shop!) with my friends Clara and Natali. I threw together something to wear at the last minute, but I’m actually pretty happy with how it looked:

I love my giant bow! I felt super cute. I bought a cute pink floral cardigan and a Ravenclaw tie from Goodwill, I’ll post pics another time.

And then today I ended up going to Ulta with my mom and picked up some new nail polishes! I was mostly wanting to buy OPI’s Silver Shatter and maybe one of their Pirate collection polishes, but this is what I ended up buying:

The mini collection of Pirates haha! I REALLY wanted “Mermaid’s Tears” but they were sold out of it >: And it’s not in the mini collection either, so I have to go get it some other time.

Essie’s “Lovey Dovey” polish! I saw it and thought “omg get on my nails right now” so I applied it as soon as I got home.

So Ulta was completely sold out of OPI’s Silver Shatter, but I saw Sally Hansen now has their own “Crackle Overcoat” collection too, with a silver. I went ahead and bought it, not sure what to expect.

I LOVE IT. It looks just as good, if not better, than the OPI shatters I’ve used. I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying their crackle polishes in every color. This is on my nails right now, I’m so in love with it! The silver is called “Fractured Foil”. Pretty cool!

Unfortunately I’ll have to take it off on Friday because I’m wearing a Miku cosplay on Saturday and I need to have my green nails >:

Btw this is what I had before I put on my pink-and-silver:

It’s two Shrek polishes with Black Shatter over it. It was supposed to just be a placeholder since my other polish was chipping, but I ended up liking it!

That’s all! Summer has finally started for me and I can’t wait to go live my life as a college student! ❤

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