Kigurumi and Playing Dress-Up!

A few days ago my friends Kirsty and Lindsey invited me to spend the night at their apartment! Not long ago they moved down here from Washington, and before that I only got to see them at Sakuracon. It’s so great to get to hang out more often now that they’re closer!

We decided to hang out in our kigurumi! This was the first time I had worn my kigu since Sakuracon, and it was awesome.

Kirsty is so cute in her circle lenses and huge lashes! I’m no good at applying makeup haha.

Lindsey and I on a bear date! I didn’t have very much cash on me so we shared dinner.

The two of them are so cute! They’re matching as Korilakkuma and Rilakkuma ❤

We went to Red Lobster for dinner and they give you these free cheese biscuits, they were delicious!


I caught my own fish, like a good bear! We got fish and chips~

After dinner we got Slurpees! Lindsey and I both agreed that they’re the most amazing things in the world ❤


Kirsty and Lindsey had told me they’d let me try on a dress to see if it would fit me, and then that turned into them dressing me up in all of their lolita clothes and wigs! So get ready for some picspam of me in lots of Angelic Pretty~ This is the Jewelery Jelly OP in black! Dress, headbow, and socks are AP, shoes are Bodyline, accessories are Chocomint, 6% DokiDoki, and off brand. The wig is from Fantasy Sheep.

We are adorable~

LOOK HOW HUGE MY SKIRT IS. Kirsty let me wear her petticoats, omg they’re huge!

Which Rilakkuma?

We’re both bears at heart~

Merry Making Party! Dress, socks, and headbow are Angelic Pretty, shoes are Bodyline, accessories are idk. The bag is from Sanrio, I actually just bought it! It’s my new favorite ❤



Jewelery Jelly again, this time in lavender! I’m in love with this outfit, and I want to buy Jewelery Jelly in pink now.

Lindsey has such cool tattoos!


Milky Berry in black! I love this print in every color, I’m so happy I have the OP ❤

Kirsty is so cute and tiny!

I have two heads.

Lindsey sat down on the top of the couch and ended up falling down it lol

Cherry Berry Bunny! Oh my gosh this skirt was so tight, it barely fit me @_@

The blouse gaped at the bust, too, so I felt like a sausage >:

Okay this helps haha

This is the mess we left haha.

And the closet.

LOOK AT THIS. Actually it looks like I’m just looking at the stuff I brought to spend the night haha.

The next day we went out in fairy-kei! It was a last minute decision so I hadn’t brought anything for it, which is why my outfit is… lacking. My accessories and wigs, however, are amazing because Kirsty and Lindsey lent them to me ❤

That was my time with Kirsty and Lindsey! My whole week has been crazy busy! Tomorrow we have a big Portland meetup to a local theme park, Enchanted Forest. I just recently bought Powder Rose, so I'll be doing a hime-style coord for the meet!

Thank you for reading~

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4 Responses to Kigurumi and Playing Dress-Up!

  1. Kaori15 says:

    I want to steal the blue-pink wig, to bad you can’t find it on their store anymore. ._.

  2. Ida says:

    Aww, you’re so cute! How did you stick the hair bows on the kigurumis? ^^
    – Ida

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