~Enchanted Forest~

The Oregon lolitas got together for a meetup at a local theme park called Enchanted Forest. It’s not the most exciting place, it has two small “rides” and mostly is for younger kids, but it’s pretty cool to look at.

Me, Holly, and Ashlee. Holly drove the two of us to the meet, this is a field outside Ashlee’s house.

We had to take pictures out in it!

Ashlee used my camera for most of the meet, so a lot of these pictures were taken by her haha.

The back of my head~ I borrow this gorgeous wig from Kirsty along with some other accessories and shoes. She was so sweet to lend them to me!

Meanwhile Ashlee took weird pics on my camera. This wasn’t edited at all, I don’t know how she got the picture to look like that!

Here we have Amber, Holli, Ariann, me, Ashlee, Holly, Rikki, and Michelle! We’re missing Jenna, she came a bit late.

Shoe shot!

Skirt shot!


One of the first things you see is this big fake candy house, so Ashlee and I posed in front of it.

There were these weird flowers everywhere too D:

There was this huge mushroom that we took pictures in front of too~

I guess this section was supposed to be Alice in Wonderland themed?

More weird flowers!

The area the park was built in is amazing, all the plants growing everywhere was gorgeous!

Jenna arrived and we were able to take pictures with her too~

Me and Jenna and her bf.

There was a Snow White area with creepy robot dolls D:

I hate Holly apparently hahaha

Then there was this weird crooked house thing that was built at an angle and was really trippy to be inside.

I’m standing there actually trying not to fall over hahaha

Ashlee said this creeped her out.

There was a weird house you could go into that was full of fun mirrors like this! We’re wearing ballgowns!

This was Western Town.

Ashlee and I with matching nails! Mine were from Claire’s, I had never worn fake nails before! I ended up filing them down, I have a picture to upload in a later post.

There was a little house with seating in it that we took pictures in before leaving~

After the meet we stopped by Ashlee’s house again. Her boyfriend’s mom raises French Bulldogs, and there were puppies! Here’s Holly with one…

And me with the other!

He was so sweet! ❤

Behind the house there’s this beautiful trail through the woods, and we took more pictures out there.

Look at how beautiful everything is!

Look at her beautiful hair!

That’s all~ As usual more pictures are up on my Flickr for you to look at!

Here‘s the daily_lolita post I made for my outfit!

I also have this little video I edited together of the meet~

I should be updating again soon with some more nail stuff along with a second video of when we were walking through the forest behind Ashlee’s house!

Thank you for reading~

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