[Not so] Lonely in Gorgeous (img heavy)

Shay and I got together for some delicious photoshooting! She recently bought a cosplay of Miwako from Paradise Kiss, which I’m in the middle of watching, so I had to do a photoshoot with her in my room!

But before we did that, we met downtown and got some frozen yogurt.

I got more candy than yogurt…

Shay had a great mix of flavors~

Then we went home and took a bunch of pictures in my room.

These are just my favorites, more are available on my flickr as usual!

We also made a music video to Tommy February6’s “Lonely in Gorgeous” which is my first music video! Hopefully more will follow.

The next day we headed downtown again and met up with our friend Tom to take more photos! All three of us ended up taking great photos so I’ll caption each one with who took it :]

Photo by me

Photo by Shay

Photo by me

Photo by Tom

Photo by me

Photo by Tom

Photo by Tom

Photo by Shay

Photo by Shay

On the way home the three of us got stuck in this ridiculous traffic jam on the freeway, so we had to take pictures of course.

Photo by Tom

Photo by Tom

Photo by me

Shay made some lovely macros/reaction images as well:

Feel free to grab those and use however you’d like~

In a few days Shay is coming over again for two nights and we’re going to the upcoming karaoke lolita meetup! Beforehand we’ll be seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 with our other friend Meggan, who is also a lolita 😀

Thank you for reading! I’d really appreciate it if you take a peek at our music video and possibly leave a thumbs up or comment~

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2 Responses to [Not so] Lonely in Gorgeous (img heavy)

  1. KittyDragon says:

    So cute!!! Your music video is great!!!

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