Karaoke with the Lovelies

My life has been crazy busy! Shay came and spent the night on both Monday and Tuesday, and on Tuesday during the day our friend Meggan came down from Washington and all three of us went to a lolita meetup to do karaoke!

Shay, Meggan, and I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 before the meet (Meggan is a huge fan, like me, and Shay hasn’t seen it yet) so we ended up being late. The plan was to get crepes and then head to the karaoke movie, but by the time we got to the crepe shop, everyone was already at karaoke, so we made the best of it.

On the way to crepes, we got distracted by this super adorable jewelry shop next door to the shop. It was called Pinky Jewelry and was a lolita’s dream!

Shay, me, and Meggan outside the crepe shop! It’s called Love Via Crepes, and it’s Japanese style, complete with plastic displays of every order!

Shay and I shared a crepe, we got the one in the middle there with the pink ice cream. It was delicious!

Also adorable, like her~

I was messing around with my camera as Meggan picked out her order.


The store was cute too! The pink walls and pink crepe-holders matched out outfits.

Finally, after lots of walking and me getting us lost, we found the karaoke place! Almost everyone was already there. A lot of these pictures ended up blurry because the room was so dark, I apologize! ;^;

Victoria, Ashlee, and Kirsty!

I tried to take photos with my phone too, but this is what happened when I used flash @_@

There were tons of songs to pick from, both English and Japanese.

Kirsty, Shay, and Meggan are HARDCORE!

Then we headed outside to get outfit shots since the room was so dark and small!

Kirsty is so cuuuuuuuuuute ;^;

Victoria came to her first meet in a long time! I hadn’t seen her in forever!

I only saw Holly for a little bit but I hadn’t seen her since Wonder NorthWest so it was still fun ❤

Shay borrowed my Powder Rose dress and other lolita clothes. Isn’t it so cute on her? ;^;

Meggan! Even though she’s been wearing lolita for a while, this was her first meetup. I hope she had fun!

I don’t have the best coordinate, but I got this dress in the mail at 9 pm the previous night and I had to wear it!

Kirsty is such a cutie-pie~

I had only talked to Melody on facebook and never met her, so it was good to finally see her face-to-face haha!

Ashlee, looking adorable as always! I’m jelly of her Sheep Garden.

Lovely Laura, our hostess! She made that dress, can you believe it?

…We realized we were all wearing pink dresses and blonde wigs.

I asked Holly to take some pics, so she showed off how artsy she is~

I had to ruin it of course :DD

And then the non-pinks! I just realized we never got a pic of everyone together >:

Idk man.



Then we went back inside~

After a big group performance of Don’t Stop Believing, Shay, Meggan, and I headed back to my place and grabbed dinner on the way.

I didn’t post all my pictures here, so check out more here on my Flickr~

But I have a few more pictures! I recently downloaded a free Chinese photo editing app for my phone, and I’m addicted to it, so let me show these pictures off:

And then the very top picture there of our feet was edited in the same program~ The name of it is Chinese (which I can’t read) but if you search the iTunes store for “meitu” it should be the first one to come up. The icon is red with a circle and a Chinese character :3

I’m thinking of doing a small review of the various photography apps I’ve been downloading. Oh if you have any apps you love, let me know in the comments! I’ll try any of them, paid or free.

Thank you for reading~

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6 Responses to Karaoke with the Lovelies

  1. Meep says:

    Oh my god….that photo app makes me want a iphoneee…..

  2. jousia says:

    So lovely pictures! What is the name of the app that you are using in your iPhone? I need photoediting app too. :3
    Ps. I’ve been following your tumblr like forever ( I don’t have tumblr myself) and I love it! Now following your blog too Ok thnx bye.

  3. Katie says:

    @Cristina- hahaha you should want an iPhone anyways, it’s the best phone I’ve ever had in my whole life and I can’t imagine having anything else ❤ if you have an iPod touch then you can get the app too, you'll just need to import the photos from iPhoto or whatever onto your phone.
    @Jousia- Thank you! My tumblr is where I just reblog stuff that I like and sometimes post my own stuff, and then this blog is mostly my own pictures and everything 😀 And to get the app, search "meitu" in the iTunes store and it should be the first result, the icon is red. It's all Chinese but super easy to figure out, and free!

  4. MaDonna says:

    Aww, Victoria! It is so cute to see her in lolita again ❤

    Thanks for the tip on that photo app! What is the name of the purikura app you have?

    You look so cute!

    • Katie says:

      The purikura app that I posted a pic from on d_l? That would be PuriCamera, it’s okay but it costs $2 or $3. Compared to the other purikura apps available it’s good, but I’m waiting for an even better one to show up.
      And thank you! It was fun to see Victoria again, I met her right when I was first getting into lolita 😀

  5. Meep says:

    @Katie yesss I should think about saving up for an ipodtouch then :3 that app is like perfect for camwhoring

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