Adventures on a Private Island

For the past week I’ve been inactive online because I’ve been vacationing on Blakely Island, a private island in the San Juan Islands in Washington. To make up for it, here are a few pictures I took:

Stairs down to the basement where I slept (and watched The Emperor’s New Groove and Zoolander over and over again).

Old phone booth outside the marina.

My dad and brother on a boat in Horseshoe Lake, a natural lake within the island.

Sunset from the deck.

Some of the crabs we caught while crabbing. The Red Rock one was mean, he ripped another crab’s leg off.

We ate them.

And my favorite shot, a bald eagle catching a fish from the lake. The cool thing about the island is it’s full of bald eagles, and at the lake they come sit in the trees around the area. When we go fishing we catch them but release them back into the water and let the bald eagles swoop down in front of us and snatch them right out of the water. It’s so amazing to see!

Right now I’m in Sunriver with my family to do a celebration of the life of my great grandma who passed away not long ago. She was really an amazing woman, she was born in 1912 and while her body got older, she never lost any of her memories or mental capabilities. My dad always tells me about how she loved to drive sports cars, she was definitely cool!
I’m really lucky to have been able to meet her. Whenever I saw her she would ask about how school was going, and told me about how she was the editor-in-chief of her school newspaper and about the things she would wear back then. She told me about her family history too, her mom was a Southern belle in New Orleans who lives on a cotton plantation and was raised by servants. I wish before she passed away I could’ve asked my great grandma about her childhood and teenage years. She had great stories.
Sorry about the sudden change in subject haha, I wish I got more of a chance to talk about her.

In the next few weeks we should be back on our “cute blog” track, with lolita and costumes and all sorts of fun stuff.

And now back to vacation~

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2 Responses to Adventures on a Private Island

  1. KittyDragon says:

    That bald eagle shot is so lovely!

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