I Love Target~

This’ll just be a quick little post tonight! The other day I went to Target with my mom to get some stuff for my dorm room and to buy some new clothes~

I only have one pair of shorts currently, so I had to get some new ones. The color of this pair caught my eye immediately, and I had to have them.

I’ve been looking for floral-printed denim for a long time, so I was excited to see that Target has some floral-print denim shorts now! I’m wearing these right now, they’re so comfy~

Another thing I had been looking for, violet Converse! I’m in love with these, and in different colored Converse in general. I’m searching for a pair in powder blue next.

I bought a few other things, but something I’m in love with right now is my new fan ❤ My room gets dreadfully hot in the late afternoon and evening, and even with a big ceiling fan over my bed, I'm usually dying by about 7 pm. I have this guy sitting on my bed pointed at me right now, it's so nice!

I had my nice camera in my hand with lovely natural light coming in from my window, so I decided to take some more pictures!

The minihat that came with my Jewelry Jelly jumperskirt! It’s from Angelic Pretty and is the sweetest thing ever! I love how the lace looks like whipped cream~

Here’s just a quick pic of my closet right now! The white blouse with a blue sailor collar is actually my Sailor Stocking costume, I just hung it up so it’s not off to the side with my other costumes.

Some of my necklaces next to my closet~

The view from the bottom of my closet! I love pictures like this, frills are the best!

And finally, to explain the first picture on this post. On Mio’s blog she received some hair clips similar to these, but they were decorated with sparkles. I found an old bottle of sparkle nail polish and my huge collection of hair clips (they come in packs at the dollar store) and went to town! It’s actually pretty fun, and, to me, it makes the clips about ten times cuter!

That’s all for now, lovelies! I have some cool changes planned for this blog that’ll hopefully happen this weekend, so cross your fingers!


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