~Kumoricon 2011~

Over Labor Day weekend, I attended Kumoricon for my third time! This year the con switched from being in downtown Portland to Vancouver, and while the city and state change was quite a difference, the new location is infinitely better!

On pre-registration day before the con actually started, Shannon drove up from her town along with her two friends Zara and Taylor and picked me up from my house. The four of us shared a hotel room at the con.

My first order of business was to put in my circle lenses for the first time! I had been struggling with them the whole week before because I had never worn contacts before, but Shannon helped me and I successfully got them in.
(I’ll be doing a big review of them in a few weeks ;P)

The four of us went to get our badges, met up with some friends, and eventually went swimming in the hotel’s (heated!) pool.

I also got to hang out with Shay, who also got circle lenses for the first time. AREN’T WE UGUU?

On day 1, we all went and got in line for the opening ceremonies of the con. We decided to rename Kumoricon to “Procrasticon” because it seemed like all of our friends were finishing their costumes just before (or, in this case, AT) the con.

While waiting in line I saw some of my friends. Here’s Natali and her boyfriend, both cosplaying from Team Fortress 2~

And the lovely Marilyn as Lady Gaga.

Immediately after, I saw this AMAZING Homura cosplayer! Puella Magi Madoka Magica is my favorite anime series of all time, so I totally freaked out when I saw her.

After Opening Ceremonies, Shannon and I headed to the Vocaloid photoshoot.

Shannon and I were cosplaying as World is Mine versions of Rin and Miku, and after the big group shoot we got a few shots with our friend Tom.

This con was Chicken Biskit and Arizona Iced Tea weekend for me, but unfortunately I had finished my iced tea before we found Tom.

Shannon found this adorable Cinderella cosplayer.

Amanda as Kneesocks and Cristina as Panty!

Later in the day, Shannon and I put on our Teen Titans costumes and met up with Sahara. Sahara is Starfire, Shannon is Terra, and I’m Raven.
This picture is also by Tom, and clicking on it links to the deviantART version that you can comment on!

None of us were completely happy with our costumes, and we all finished last second, but we got stopped for tons of pictures and people seemed to like us!

I ran into some friends doing a big AnoHana group! I’m only about halfway through the series but I’m in love with their costumes ;3;

I ran into Kyubey!

And I signed a contract as Raven :3

AAAAAAAH MORE MADOKA! This Madoka and Homura was super cute, I chased them down a hallway for a picture! ;3;

A second Madoka group including some MORNING LESCUE! The Mami is my friend Victoria~

Ashlee and Josh~

Jenna in her amazing Meowth gijinka!

AND THEN IT WAS COMFYCON! Amanda and I are pandas!

Jeff and I!


Shannon dressed up 40’s style for the evening.

Kirsty and Kayla cosplaying from Black Rock Shooter!

Kirsty and Shane!

LOOK AT THAT GUN! <333 Oh and Sahara is pretty cool as Black Widow too, I guess.

Azrael and her boyfriend, looking cute!

On day 2 we walked out of our hotel and saw this car in the parking lot!

Shannon wore her Kaede costume~

I wore my TF2 Engineer-inspired pinup and saw a few other members of the BLU team.

Kelsey and I got together and took some pictures with Ali.

We got some seriously cute pictures, but I’m going to fix up the costume before I wear it again :3

This was the day of the costume contest, which my really good friend Haley was entering her Beatrice costume in. SHE LOOKS AMAZING! *0* she made everything there herself INCLUDING THE HOOPSKIRT AUGH.

It was a fun costume :3

Accurate description of the con.
(Photo by Tom~)

There was a really cute Nia and Simon couple taking pictures in the gazebo in the park, so Sahara and I went over and snapped a few of our own.


Shannon made a friend in the park :3

Amanda as Himari from Mawaru Penguindrum! She’s so cool!

Shay and Cristina as Asuka and Rei! They entered the costume contest too!

A cutie Sayaka I kept running into the whole weekend~

Holly was the best Flapjack ever~

Another Kyubey! And Shannon photobombing ]:<

Caroline as the cutest Madoka ever!

Haley onstage! She looked amazing! AND she won in her category!
She’s 17 years old, guys.

Shay and Cristina performing their skit! They also won awards for their costumes!

Day 3 was the day of Panty & Stocking.

We had a group photoshoot, which ended up being fairly small. Tom came and took pictures of the whole group, so all the following ones are by him!

The Panties!

The Stockings!

Geek Boy and Girl!

The fabulous Clara as our genderbent Garterbelt!

After the group shoot, Shannon and I got some pictures of just the two of us. This turned into the most ridiculous photoshoot I have ever done…

Zara and Taylor in the background as Bulma and Chichi.

This picture… This picture started it all. Taylor took this picture, and I tried to make the most ridiculous face possible. I think I succeeded.

That led to this:

(I ended up laying on the sidewalk because I was laughing so hard I couldn’t get up)

Shannon’s top wasn’t showing up in headshots, making it look like she was not wearing a shirt.


…I laughed so hard when I saw it that I cried.

And finally, Evolution of the :C Face.

Once this madness was over, the four of us headed back to my house and spent the night there.

But first we did some planking.


As usual, I have more pictures over here on my flickr, so feel free to check them out!

AND, this is big news, we’ve officially switched to our own domain name! YAY~! So rather than having “wordpress.com” at the end of the url, we’re just plain cottoncandydays.com.
To celebrate this, and to celebrate the 1-year-anniversary of this blog, I have something awesome planned for you, my dear readers ;D Stay tuned!


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3 Responses to ~Kumoricon 2011~

  1. Dollythe says:

    Your life seems awesome. I’m jealous! ^w^ Nice pictures too! C:

  2. Jessica says:

    OMGosh! I saw you as Raven and wanted to get your guy’s picture, but I think either I couldn’t catch up to you or I had to be someplace….I forget >.<

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