Comfy Cute

A few days ago I ordered a pair of socks from Sock Dreams, a local company that sells tons and tons of amazing socks online as well.

I’ve been wanting some pastel scrunchy thigh-highs for a while now, so I’m super happy with these!

They’re so adorable that I can’t help but show them off!

The day that I got these in the mail, I also went out to the mall with my friend Mackenzie and did a little bit of shopping at Forever 21.

I saw this necklace and had to have it!

Forever 21 has the best lashes.

These reminded me of Kyary’s lashes!

I picked up this little guy at Kumoricon, the booth was also selling big plush ones but they sold out before I bought one ;3;

Another big Korilakkuma to add to my collection, too!

I can’t sleep without them ♥

Here’s what I wore to the mall:

(click on the picture to go to the lookbook entry!)

I gave myself a pastel sparkly manicure. I’ve been in a pastel, happy mood lately. I guess that explains the socks, huh?


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