Pinkie Pie

This past weekend I met up with my good friend Haley before I move down to college. We got Chinese food at a little restaurant we like, and when we sat down, she had a surprise for me!

I had sent her a link from tumblr where a person was crocheting My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic ponies since Haley is amazing at crocheting. As she told me, Haley figured out her own pattern with a few modifications to make them more accurate in her eyes. She also made the legs so that they move, and so my Pinkie Pie is able to sit, stand, and lay down!

She’s absolutely DARLING and super soft too~

Haley even hand-sewed on her cutie mark!

I’m absolutely in love with this pony in every way~

Haley told me she’s going to be trying to make the entire Mane Crew and will hopefully be sending them my way! I really can’t wait to see what amazing things she’ll be doing!

If you’re interested in commissioning your own pony, contact Haley on her deviantART by sending her a note.

Right now Pinkie Pie is packed away in a suitcase because I’m moving to college tomorrow! It’s exciting, but also scary. I really have way too much stuff @_@

I’ll update again with pictures of my dorm room once I’ve moved in, so look forward to that!

ALSO, I just recently got my hair cut and dyed back to it’s natural color!

I’m in love with the cut! The color is a bit darker than I expected, but still lovely.

I had to put on some circle lenses and lashes to get to maximum adorable, of course.
I’m wearing my pop.c dark blue lenses here and the Kyary-looking lashes from Forever 21 from my last post!

Oh man I really need to get back to packing… I’m sick of it already!


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One Response to Pinkie Pie

  1. bethevenson says:

    Such a cute cute pony!! Adorable!

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