Outfits from College

I made it! I’m two weeks into my classes in college, and it’s a huge change from high school! In every positive way, of course haha. I haven’t had time to take photos of my dorm room yet (and I need to clean it before I can…) but since setting up my LookBook account, I’ve gotten my roommate Shannon roped into taking photos of my outfits nearly every day, so here are my favorites!
(pst- click on the pictures to be taken to the lookbook view of them!)

Outfit worn on my first Thursday of classes. I really wanted to wear Milky Berry, but I wanted to be more casual since it was so hot out!

This will never stop being my favorite print ❤

Outfit for the next day, Friday. Decided to be girly and casual~

Outfit worn on Saturday, when my friends and I went out to the mall and Target. I bought a ton of awesome stuff (both clothes and actual things I need) but I spent way too much money ;A;

I also wore out my circle lenses for the first time since Kumoricon! I love how I look in them~

Then the outfit for the following Monday! I finally picked up a pair of plain black tights and of course this is the day the temperature drops from 80 degrees to 50. I also bought the scarf and Pinkie Pie shirt at the mall on Saturday. I also got sick, so I dressed in jeans and hoodies for the rest of the week, until the next Friday:

Finally, full lolita! It’s about the right weather for it, the layers were excellent. I also wanted an excuse to wear my slouchy lilac socks!

The cardigan is nice and thick, and has a pretty fur collar, and then I also wore a scarf that I knit for myself last winter.

Also an excuse to wear my adorable bunny earmuffs! And here I am showing off my nails, painted to match the secondary colors of the print~ The blue is OPI and the lavender is Sally Hansen, and this color combo is my new obsession!

I’ll leave you with a picture of some delicious ice cream I bought at the dining hall on campus~ There’s a sundae bar!

Oh god I’m going to get so fat, aren’t I? ;3;


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