Big Bones Resin Hair Clips by Starlight Deco Dream!

At the beginning of the month I decided to order a pair of bone hair clips from Starlight Deco Dream. I’ve been seeing their adorable products all over tumblr because I follow the store’s owner, Kyandi, so I finally gave into temptation. Here’s the listing for the hair clips I ordered: Here!

I was so excited to get this package in the mail! Isn’t it adorable?

Lisa Frank stickers! I always wanted Lisa Frank things as a kid but never got them haha.

80’s Barbie!

Marie sticker tape!

Once I was done being in awe, I actually opened the package.

Even more cute! I’ve ordered quite a few things online before, and this is easily the best packaging I’ve ever seen!

Inside was a little note from Kyandi, a business card, some stickers, the bone clips (inside that box) and a pair of earrings as a gift! I was totally surprised, they’re adorable!

Inside the box were the hair clips! Once again packaged so cutely~

I was so excited that I tore apart the plastic in seconds, and could barely wait long enough to take photos before putting them in my hair!

The resin is shaped perfectly, completely opaque without any bubbles. I did work with resin when I did my Raven costume for Kumoricon so I know how much of a hassle it can be, and how difficult it can be to make things turn out right, but Kyandi has perfected it to an art ❤

On the back you can see the nice alligator clips that have been secured onto the bones. I have super thick hair, so clips like these are necessary to keep my accessories from sliding around everywhere and falling out, and these definitely do their job!

I’ve seriously been wearing these clips nonstop since I received them. I ordered them in “bone white” which is a very neutral color, and they go with everything!

I’m wearing two of them here, but I also like to wear just one on one side of my head. I’ve also done a small mini ponytail on the top of my head with the clip in the middle!

I will without a doubt be ordering from Starlight Deco Dream and Kyandi again!

I also want to pass along this coupon that Kyandi released on tumblr which is what convinced me to make my purchase:

That coupon is good til the end of this month, so hurry and make your purchases!

In my own craft news, I’ve finally finished the scarf I’m making for my boyfriend!

I originally started in September, and only now finished. I like to knit while watching TV or movies, so I’ve been marathoning a Korean show called “Heroes” to watch while I knit. Now that I’ve finished, I don’t know what to make next! Any ideas?

♥ Katie

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