Last week one of my friends took me to a Japanese bakery in my town. I was really surprised that there’s one here, and it was full of adorable desserts! I got this really cute chocolate strawberry cake. It was delicious~

I haven’t been blogging recently because I honestly haven’t been doing too much. Trying to keep up with school work, playing the Sims 2 and Minecraft, and finishing up my costumes for Fanime. My life isn’t very exciting haha.

But school is over in just a few weeks, and I’ll be moving back home to Portland! I’ll be able to hang out with all my friends I’ve been missing, and I might have a new bedroom to decorate. I also found out that I’m most likely going to Anime Expo this year! I have the opportunity to go with a free badge and hotel room, so I only need to pay for travel, which I can totally do! So that’ll be a fun adventure.

That’s about all! Here’s a picture of an awesome shirt I got in the mail last week:

It’s merchandise from the anime “Another” which aired in the winter. It takes place in a middle school in a small town in Japan, and this shirt is supposed to look like it’s from the middle school~ Isn’t that fun? The back also says “3-3” which is supposedly the cursed class in the show…

In just over a week, I’m leaving for Fanime! I can’t wait!! Are you going to be there~?

♥ Katie

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