Fanime 2012 ♫

This year I want to Fanime for the first time, and I had a blast! Shannon and I drove down together just the two of us, and she let me be an idiot and write #YOLO on the car window.

We were sure to buckle in our friends Honeneko and Bunnaby!

We drove down on Thursday, Day 0. The car ride was about 6 hours long from our town to San Jose, but we made it fun by talking about what we were excited for and singing songs! When we got to the con center we changed into our costumes in the bathroom and went out to meet our friends.

There was a lot of construction right outside the con center, so the windows that would normally overlook it were covered in these word-bubble stickers. We had to take advantage of them!

I cosplayed Yukiteru from Mirai Nikki to match Cristina’s Yuno, and after we had a little shoot we got some food at McDonald’s.

Ms. Fortune from SkullGirls!

My friend G as Karasawa from Daily Lives of High School boys!

Genderbent Police Panty & Stocking! They were super popular haha.

On Friday morning we woke up at 5 am to go get our badges. This was the sight outside our window! It was super creepy, but also cool. Unfortunately the clouds rolled in and completely covered up the sun for most of the weekend ;_; I started off the day as Ritsu from K-ON!

Shannon as Kim Possible from the Disney cartoon!

Cristina as Noriko from Gunbuster!

Another Yuno and Yukiteru from Mirai Nikki.

Shannon is a big Doctor Who fan, so when this really good Doctor cosplayer came up and complimented her on her costume in character, she was excited! They were so cute~

My friend Angie gave me this super cute tiny Yamada figure as a gift! It was so sweet ❤

Me as Ritsu with my friend April as Yui! We managed to set up a whole K-ON group and we even all had matching uniforms!

Here’s Angie as Azusa, petting a cute kitty that hung out outside the little cafe where we got lunch.

Our whole group! We have Angie as Azusa, Devin as Mio, Marjorie/Butters as Mugi, April as Yui, and myself as Ritsu!

There was a McDonald’s across from the cafe so Mugi wanted to check out the commoner food!

On the way to our K-ON shoot I ran into the CUTEST Shoma ever!! When I told her that Shoma was my favorite character, she told me “oh yeah, he’s my waifu!” so WE’RE CLEARLY soulmates! I’m sad I didn’t bring Ringo to this con ;_;

Our photoshoot setup! We had a cute little picnic with tea. We look sweet here, but our shoot was really ridiculous…



Immediately after our K-ON shoot I had to run back to the room to change into Mrs. Toad so Shannon and I could do our Thumbelina shoot!

My fabulous Mrs. Toad costume! I don’t remember why I was making that face but there’s a taste of me on a day-to-day basis haha!

The makeup for this costume made me feel like a drag queen, with so much eyeliner and lipstick going outside my lip line!

After our shoot we changed pretty quickly. My shoots hurt my feet pretty badly, so I changed into my Engineer costume and went to hang out with some friends I hadn’t seen since Sakuracon!

On the way we saw these Idolm@ster cosplayers doing a photoshoot so we had to stop and grab a picture!

Yuki from Tsuritama!! We stopped and chatted about the show, it was so nice!

Masako from Mawaru Penguindrum! She was the CUTEST girl ever! We also stopped to talk about Penguindrum a bit.

My friend Kelly in a Charlotte kigurumi! I’ve been a big fan of her Pin-Up Soldier costume for a long time, so it was really exciting to get to hang out with her!

That evening we had a small party with our friends in our hotel room, but went to bed early because we were so tired from getting up at 5 am.

On Saturday, Day 2, Shannon and I cosplayed from Secret Black Vow in the morning. I don’t have any photos of our costumes yet, but I should soon!

Ririchiyo from Inu x Boku SS!

My friend Caitlin as Lady Loki from The Avengers! I was stupid and only got this one shot of her in her costume, but she was really popular so it’s easy to find better pictures of her!

After a few hours I changed out of SBV and into Yukiteru again because Mai Aizawa, the voice of Minene from Mirai Nikki was having an autograph signing.

Lan from Rinne no Lagrange!! We couldn’t believe we saw a Lagrange cosplayer, it was so awesome!

I ran into the Yuno from Day 1, and we got a picture together and then made plans to go to Mai Aizawa’s auotgraph signing!

While standing in line I ran into a Minene and another Yukiteru!

Yuno and I with our autographs!

A closeup of our autographs, I’m going to put this on my wall~

Originally Yuno and I wanted a photo WITH Mai Aizawa, but because the line to get her autograph was really long, we couldn’t. However, the two of us plus the other Mirai Nikki cosplayers managed to pull some strings and waited until after the entire line had gone through so that we could get a picture!!

She’s so tiny!! For reference, I’m only 5’2 and I’m crouching down a bit there.

After the photo, she held my hands and told me thank you. She was SO SWEET AND TINY AUGH! I can’t handle it! She also has a really high-pitched voice, I can’t believe Minene’s big sassy voice comes out of such a little body!

This Godoka cosplayer was amazing! I loved her costume so much~

The next day, Day 3, Kelly and I wore our Pin-Up TF2 costumes.

My friend Kailee wanted a photo with me, and this happened haha.

Unfortunately I didn’t stay in my Engineer costume for very long. Instead, Shannon and I put on Panty and Stocking!

Messing around with the window stickers some more!

I had some major issues with my wig, so pretend it looks good in this picture haha.

I think this girl was doing a transformation version of Sailor Moon? It looked amazing either way!

On the way to lunch we ran into a Geek Boy!

After some Panty and Stocking adventures, I changed back into Ritsu and our K-ON group reunited for some purikura.

This is just a few of the pictures we took. It was so fun to edit them, I forgot how much fun purikura is!

Walking back to our hotel room we ran into more K-ON cosplayers!

My friend Escher cosplayed as Sentaro from Sakamichi no Apollon, so we had to take some drummer photos together!

We call this our drumTP!

I don’t remember why, but somehow taking photos like this became a thing for the two of us and our friend Anne, who’s cosplaying Mami here.

That evening I partied a little too hard, so on the last day, Day 4, I just went casual and wore Yukiteru.

An amazing Tiger and Bunny figure setup in the dealer’s hall.

An octopus is attacking Yukki! Also I didn’t even bother to take off my nail polish from when I wore Stocking.

Panty and Stocking! The Stocking here is my friend Amy.

Cristina as Miki with another Miki we found!

A big Idolm@ster group plus Cristina!

After hanging out for a little bit, Shannon and I drove home and returned to our normal lives as college students.

So originally I was just going to post photos from the photoshoots I did at the bottom of this entry, but it’s already a lot longer than I thought it would be. So instead I’ll make a separate post full of them within the next few days! If you really can’t wait to see them, check out my Facebook and deviantART to check them out, okay? I should be posting pictures of Yukiteru, Ritsu, Mrs. Toad, SBV Miku, and Pin-Up Engineer, so look forward to them!

♥ Katie

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2 Responses to Fanime 2012 ♫

  1. kaori says:

    wow, so many cute and well-made cosplays!^^

  2. cajega says:

    Ohhh, it looked like you saw some great cosplays! I love conventions and always look forward to them (we have three major ones in Georgia). And Daily Lives of High school Boys + Loki + K-ON! FTW!!!

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