Anime Expo 2012 aka Panty & Stocking-con!

Photo by FUNImation Entertainment

Just after Fanime I got an amazing offer to work for American Cosplay Paradise and FUNImation Entertainment to help promote the English release of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt! This was my first time going to Anime Expo as well as my first time working at a cosplay event, so it was all super excited! I wasn’t able to get TOO many photos, but hopefully you guys will enjoy the ones I did take!

First thing in the morning, I got up and put on my awesome “Yomiyamakita Jr. High” tshirt from the anime “Another”, and headed to the airport!

The plane right before I boarded! This was my first time flying to a convention by myself. ALA in January was my first time flying to a convention at all, not to mention my first time flying to LAX without an adult!

My giant Korilakkuma plush was my pillow/flight buddy!

Up in the air!

There was this crazy hallway I had to walk through in LAX, isn’t it cool?

When I got to the con, my first mission was to get my badge. This was my first time getting an exhibitor’s badge, it was so cool! I felt really fancy haha.

Trying out the stripper pole FUNImation got for the Panty & Stocking event!

Heaven coins!! We were giving these out all weekend as part of the event!

Jessie and me before the red carpet event on Day 0 at opening ceremonies! This was the first time we wore our Panty and Stocking costumes together.

The two of us with Monica Rial, the English voice of Stocking!

My Day 0 was crazy busy- I got to LAX, went straight to the con center, got my badge, went to the hotel room to change into Stocking, did the red carpet event, and then spent the rest of the night preparing for Day 1.

The X-Games were happening the same weekend and at almost the same venue as Anime Expo, so things were hectic. They ended up causing a lot of issues when it came to traveling between my hotel (the JW Mariott) and the con, but there wasn’t a whole lot I could do about it.

That day I ran into Kara, who was also cosplaying Stocking for FUNImation!

Monica and I backstage before the first autograph session!

Photo by FUNImation Entertainment

One of many photo ops with the English cast of P&S on the stripper pole! We have Joel McDonald (Brief), Stocking (Monica Rial), Jamie Marchi (Panty), Ian Sinclair (Chuck), and some of the various cosplayers from the booth!

This was one of two times the entire convention that I didn’t wear Stocking. My friend Harmony made a Yuno costume and asked me to be Yukiteru for her!

Around the same time, I ran into Julie, one of my all-time favorite bloggers! She was super sweet and even had heard of my blog!

And then, I ran into someone else in my hotel lobby right after this…

I seriously could NOT believe my eyes when I saw Misako sitting in the hotel on the way back to my room! Harmony went and asked her if she was really her because I was too scared to, holy crap I can’t even believe I really got to meet her and even got a picture!!

Day 2 at the FUNImation booth!

I actually sent my mom this picture, and she was definitely surprised hahaha! She seemed to be more okay with it when I told her I was just dancing on the pole, not stripping 😛

Monica is seriously the sweetest, whenever she saw me she would help me with my wig and hair accessories.

These two lovely ladies were working the pole amazingly well, to quote one of the ladies working the main desk at the booth “every person within a mile with a penis was at the booth”!

I stopped by the pool to relax and give my face a break from the Stocking makeup.

Because of my swimsuit and hair, I decided I was “cosplaying” Beach Queen version Madoka from Rinne no Lagrange!

These were the goodies I brought back home with me from Anime Expo. A poster signed by the P&S cast, the special edition uncensored Panty & Stocking DVD boxed set, an amazing P&S t-short included with the DVDs sold at Anime Expo, a cute Stocking card, and a star-shaped ring from Holley Tea Time!

I wore the shirt back home on my flight from LA to Portland, it’s so cool!

I also got my prop shimapan panties signed by Monica- for Stocking, I wore a pair of invisible underwear, my dance tights, and then these panties over everything. So now I have this lovely message right across my butt when I cosplay Stocking!

I’ll have a more in-depth con recap vlog sometime this week, and I’m going to have a whole separate blog post with just the cosplayers I saw along with the awesome LA street cart food I got!

Working for FUNImation and ACP was truly amazing, and hopefully in the near future I’ll get to work with them again!

♥ Katie

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