Ultra-Happy ★ Smile Precure Ramune

The other day my friend and I went to Uwajimaya, a local Japanese grocery store with a Kinokuniya bookstore inside of it. We were getting a few treats for ourselves and I found this Smile Precure ramune!

I don’t even like ramune, but I bought this just to keep the bottle! ❤

Cure Peace is my favorite!!

Cure Happy and Cure Sunny are on it too, but not Cure March or Cure Beauty.

I’m actually super behind on Smile Precure, I’m getting caught up now that I’m not doing anything for a couple weeks.

♥ Katie

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2 Responses to Ultra-Happy ★ Smile Precure Ramune

  1. These are nice photos! So did you end up trying it? If so, what flavor and how was it?

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