Nendoroid Yamada Aoi

Yamada is one of my favorite characters from the anime Working!! so when they put up preorders for her Nendoroid, I had to preorder her!

She’s actually the first Nendoroid I’ve ever bought, and I’m super impressed! A lot of my friends are fans of that type of figure, and now I can see why.

Yamada comes with a variety of arm positions, as well as 3 different faces.

Yamada the Damage Queen! It’s so great that she comes with a broken plate.

Oh my gosh this face is too cute! Don’t you just want to hug her?

Actually one of the coolest parts about the Yamada Nendoroid is that she comes with a special feature, as seen here:

She comes with upside-down hair and the ability to hang upside-down like in the anime!

Actually it’s kind of embarrassing how many Yamada figures I have… I bought the Yamada Many Characters set when it came out, which came with 6 different Yamadas, and then a friend gave me another Yamada figure as a gift at Fanime. I now have a total of 8 Yamada figures lol.

As of right now, the Nendoroid Yamada Aoi is still for sale on Amiami for 2,850 JPY. Be sure to check her out!

♥ Katie

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3 Responses to Nendoroid Yamada Aoi

  1. yamada so kawaiii T3T i miss watching Wagnaria/Working, lots of cutie pies, its like a yamada invasion on the 2nd pic to the last ❤

  2. I do love this doll…Why does she come with a broken plate? Please explain! Everything I know about Japanese culture comes from Maru’s blog and he’s a cat.

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