Theatre Photoshoot

For the third time, my friend Tom Good set up a 4-hour photoshoot in a local black box theatre for cosplayers and photographers to use freely. I went to get some shots of my Fukawa costume, and to also test out some of my own photography skills.

My tongue for Fukawa’s Syo personality was really popular! When I was taking this picture, my friend walked into the room, saw me, and screamed.

I especially wanted to get some pictures in order to do composite photos of Fukawa and Syo together, so Tom and I worked together to achieve that.

The first time we did a photoshoot in this theatre was actually the first time I ever shot with Tom, for the Dark Woods Circus costumes that Haley and I made. It was three years ago, I can hardly believe it!

Of the photos I took, I think this is my favorite:

While some other people were shooting in the stage area of the theatre, Cristina and I checked out some other parts that were open, including this spot. It’s the bathroom! It had some really good light, so snapped a few quick shots that turned out surprisingly well.

Overall, it was a super fun shoot. I got to see a lot of my friends who I hadn’t seen in a while, and I got some nice pictures of Fukawa, too!

♥ Katie

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