Vassen Hanabi Gold + EOS Fairy Grey Circle Lens Review

In December I did an order from Pinky Paradise with my friends so we could get some new circle lenses for Anime Los Angeles 2013, and I was really pleased with the two that I purchased! I got the Vassen Hanabi Gold and the EOS Fairy Grey.

I’ll talk about the Vassen Hanabi Gold first.

I had never ordered Vassen contacts before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I mostly ordered these because I was cosplaying Muginami from Rinne no Lagrange who has very big, yellow eyes. I wanted something especially enlarging that wasn’t too creepy, so these caught my eye.

Natural Light:

Direct Light:

The design of the contacts is very… interesting. Because the inside “open” part is so big, my natural eye color shows through very obviously. My eyes are hazel, and on the lighter side of the “dark” spectrum of eye colors, so I think these would actually work better on someone with very dark eyes because it would blend better.

On the plus side, these are amazingly comfortable! I’ll sometimes forget I’m wearing them, they’re that comfy. I had heard good things about how Vassen lenses were comfortable, so I’m glad to find it’s true!

Here they are worn normally:

I often wear these with my big bottle-cap fashion glasses to help make the lenses less obvious, and the enlargement is really cute!

Next up are the EOS Fairy Grey lenses.

I was actually originally going to buy EOS’s Dolly Eye Grey since I needed a very bright, almost creepy grey color, but found them a little too expensive for me. Instead, I thought the Fairy Grey would work instead.

Natural Light:

Artificial Light:

I am absolutely in LOVE with these lenses! They look completely natural, covering my eye color without looking fake, but have just enough enlargement to be flattering. I was actually surprised at how vibrant they are, considering how clear they look when not worn. They’re also comfortable, just like the Hanabi Golds are, and these are actually my favorite to wear when going out. I’d absolutely suggest them to anyone looking for grey lenses.

Here they are worn normally:

I do really like both lenses, despite the strange design on the Hanabi Golds. I’ll definitely be looking at Vassen lenses in the future, since they have a lot of cool color and style options!

One of my favorite parts of ordering from Pinky Paradise is that every pair of lenses comes with a free animal-themed case! My friends and I also order together so we can get free shipping on our orders over $130. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone looking to buy some circle lenses!

My next post should hopefully be some pictures from ALA! See you then~

♥ Katie

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3 Responses to Vassen Hanabi Gold + EOS Fairy Grey Circle Lens Review

  1. chichicho says:

    the grey lenses look great!

  2. alina says:

    what color are ur natural eyes? will the grey lenses show up on dark broowwn eyes?

    • Katie says:

      My eyes are hazel!! Circle lenses are typically made by Asian companies and sold widely in Asian countries, so they work well on dark eyes 🙂 It’s best to look up pictures just in case!
      (The grey lenses work well on my eyes, I think they’d look good on dark brown eyes too!)

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