Anime Los Angeles 2013

I really love Anime Los Angeles, it’s one of my favorite cons! This year was no exception.

A picture I took on the plane! Because I live in such a small town I had to catch a flight North to Portland and then all the way South to LA ;_; It sucked, especially because I JUST had flown down from Portland the day before!

First thing on Day 1 was our Rinne no Lagrange group!

Shannon, Angie, and I did a photoshoot with Rodney JG before we met up with the rest of our group. The tropical setting of the hotel courtyard fit really well with the feel of the anime!

Our group! I’ve only ever seen one Lagrange cosplayer before, so it was fun when people recognized us.

Angie and I changed into different costumes pretty quickly, since both of us were showing a lot of skin. I liked my wig, so I just put on my maid dress and was maid Muginami hehe.

I ran into Sparkle Pipsi in her Idol Minako costume! It’s even more beautiful in person~

I also saw these super cute Heartcatch Precure cosplayers!

The next morning we found this adorable Rikka from Chuu2!

Day 2 was the day of Dangan Ronpa. Before our shoots I met with Chas and Bianca while everyone else was getting ready.

Tsuritama cosplayers!

Imari is the best Komaeda~

While the SDR2 kids were getting their pictures, we took a shot! Myself as Fukawa, Lee as Asahina, and Callie as Naegi!

Our first photoshoot group: Chas, Bianca, Chira, Imari, Lee, myself, and Callie.

Escher met up with us with his male Asahina costume.

Katie and Callie as Junko and Naegi, their height difference is completely accurate to the game and makes me laugh every time I see this picture.

I even had a Togami hehe~

After our second shoot the SDR2 girls and I got lunch at Subway! It was really fun getting to catch up with everybody.

The second half of Day 2 was meido K-ON! Amara was our Sawa-chan, she looked so perfect!

Unfortunately she signed a contract with Kyubey almost immediately after we left the hotel room ;3; poor Sawa-chan…

Angie as Azusa, Amara as Sawako, myself as Ritsu, and Krissy as Yui! We did a cute photoshoot in the nice restaurant in the hotel, I can’t wait to see the pics!

The dealer’s hall had so much cute stuff!

I gave in and bought another Ringo figure. So far there’s 3 prize figures of her out, and they’re fairly inexpensive!

On the last day they filled up the restaurant with luggage to hold for people after they checked out, it was really strange-looking!

Angie took me into LA to get some food with some of her friends. It was my first time actually being in LA despite it being the 3rd time I had traveled there!

Overall, it was an amazing experience! I can tell I have a good time at cons when I forgot to photograph things because I’m too busy having fun haha. I was really feeling burnt out on conventions, but ALA definitely rekindled my love for them and my love for my con buddies!

The next convention I’m going to is Sakuracon 2013 in Seattle, I can’t wait!

♥ Katie

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