Pastel Shopping Haul

A few days ago, Bryce and I went shopping partially to get into the air-conditioned mall during this awful Portland heat wave! I’ve been wanting to fill my closet with more pastel, cutesy clothes, and of course Forever 21 came to my rescue.

I was super proud of going up to the register with my armful of powder pink clothes!

We also stopped by H&M, and I found the cutest pink wedge heels… They were $30, which would put me over my spending limit for the day, so after some consideration I decided to buy them. At the counter they rang up as $15–apparently they were half off! Then the cashier said all accessories were on sale on top of that, so they ended up being only $7.50! Needless to say, I’m proud of them~

I’ve been wanting some cute pastel heels for a while, so getting the perfect pair for only $7.50 definitely was a good end to the day.

The only problem is that now I want to purge my closet and replace everything with pastels… Oh well!

See you soon~


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One Response to Pastel Shopping Haul

  1. jiru says:

    The pink dress is pastel perfection ❤ I love the wedges as well, that's a really good deal you got 😀 Really cute haul :3

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