♡ Crosses and Platforms ♡

Hihi! A few days ago I hung out with a friend from work and we ended up going to the mall in downtown Portland. I bought a couple things, so here they are!

I’ve been wanting tights like this forEVER but I was worried about buying them online in case they didn’t fit me.

I adore them! I seriously can’t wait for a chance to wear them out hehe…

Also, these shoes!! I’ve been wanting a pair of litas for a long time now–unfortunately, these ones are fake. But for $40, I’m extremely happy!

Ahh I can’t wait to wear these out! I typically work 5-6 days a week though, so we’ll see if I even get some time soon to wear them haha.

See you next time!

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One Response to ♡ Crosses and Platforms ♡

  1. Ida says:

    The tights are really cute! c: Wish there was a forever21 where I lived. (≧ω≦)♡ hihi

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