Skeleton Tights ☆ミ Brave Store Review!

Hello!! A while ago I spoke to the owner of Brave Store, an online shop that sells a ton of cute (and affordable) clothes and accessories! They were kind enough to send me a pair of skeleton tights to review, too.
My girlfriend was sweet enough to take some photos for me when she was here!

I was actually worried they wouldn’t fit or that the design would be distorted, since I have thick thighs and huge hips. But, as you can see, they look great! My hips are about 43 inches around, so if your hips are around that width or smaller I don’t think you’d have problems! However, I’m also only 5’2″ so I’m not sure how they’d work if you’re taller.

I love wearing them with all-black outfits, they really stand out! I also get a lot of compliments on them.

The quality is also super nice–I’ve worn these out numerous times, including at a convention, and I haven’t had a single tear or run! And by the way, I’m someone who goes through tights SUPER fast with how clumsy I am.

I am 100% in love! I definitely want everyone to check out Brave-Store!

Here’s some other items from their shop that I love! Everything is so reasonably priced, ahh~
I’ll always remember an important piece of knowledge from my grandma: Be cheap, but don’t look cheap. Brave Store definitely fits that motto!

Click the image to go to the listing for the item! Happy shopping~

See you next time!

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