My heart is nuclear.

Love is all that I fear.

Some of my favorite pieces are in this outfit! First off, my pride and joy, my Marina & The Diamonds concert tee. I bought it when I saw her live back in May 2013, and it’s one of my absolute favorites.

The denim shirt also has a story attached:
Back in the late 90’s/early 2000’s, my dad owned and ran his own game development company, and they made educational computer games for kids. The name of the company was Mudpuppy Studios, and I have fond childhood memories and visiting the office. Because they made kids games, they had all these toys everywhere! On one occasion they made a game licensed by Lego, so my dad went out and bought one of every Lego set at Toys R Us so they could make sure they made the game accurate to the real-life counterpart. Unfortunately, due to a huge cancelled project, the company went out of business.
A few months ago, my dad pulled out a box he had found in his garage and it was completely full of Mudpuppy Studios shirts! Polos, hoodies, t-shirts, and denim button-ups. It’s totally a blast from the past, and I definitely love my shirt!

The grainy-ness of the photos reminds me of that 90’s grunge.

Here’s the song that inspired this post:

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I’m still getting used to using a self-timer, but I think I’m getting the hang of it.


I didn’t edit this at all; for some reason it looks like I’m being abducted LOL. Lighting is weird.

xoxo katie

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2 Responses to Radioactive

  1. Brad Stanton says:

    U look lovely, and i love Marina & Diamonds.

  2. Brad Stanton says:

    By the way, the one with the pink sunburst is amazing too.

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