Vassen Cloud Nine Pink Circle Lens Review – PinkyParadise

As some of you may have noticed from the side of my blog, not long ago PinkyParadise decided to sponsor me! I’ve always bought my circle lenses from them, and they’re one of my favorite online shops. They also sent me a pair of circle lenses to review!

I selected their “Cloud Nine” lenses by Vassen, in pink. I’ve heard mixed things about pink lenses, mostly that they end up looking brown on most eyes. However, the Cloud Nine lenses are incredibly bright!

First off, PinkyParadise sends out a free animal lens case with each order. It’s one of my favorite things about ordering with them, hehe. Additionally, if you put in the code “touko-fukawa” (my tumblr username) at checkout, you’ll receive a free gift with your order! I got a cute little set of hair velcros, which help keep your hair out of your eyes if you’re washing your face or putting on makeup.

The lenses on their own. On the left is the correct side of the lens, the right is the lens inside-out. As you can see, the contacts have a thick black ring around the outside, which makes them very dolly-like. I’m a big fan of this feature.

I was impressed with the coloring of the pink; rather than just being one flat color, it’s feathered to look a bit less fake. I mean, bright pink eyes are going to be a bit theatrical regardless, but the flat color tends to make your eyes look a bit dead.

Here are the contacts worn two different ways. First, with a crossplay; so light makeup. The second pic if full-on thick eye makeup. In both, the color really shows. I wouldn’t necessarily wear these as fashion lenses, but they’re perfect for any cosplay that involves pink eyes.

Finally, as with all Vassen lenses, they’re incredible comfortable! I wore them for an entire day at a convention with zero problems. Several times I even forgot I was wearing them!

A big thanks to PinkyParadise for sponsoring me! They’re my absolute favorite circle lens seller. Also, a reminder, if you put in “touko-fukawa” at checkout, you will receive a free gift with your order! The code can be put in once for every item you buy, so if you buy 3 pairs of lenses you get 3 gifts.

I’m always on the lookout for good lenses, so if you have a good pair, let me know and I’ll check them out!

See you soon~


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Pastel Shopping Haul

A few days ago, Bryce and I went shopping partially to get into the air-conditioned mall during this awful Portland heat wave! I’ve been wanting to fill my closet with more pastel, cutesy clothes, and of course Forever 21 came to my rescue.

I was super proud of going up to the register with my armful of powder pink clothes!

We also stopped by H&M, and I found the cutest pink wedge heels… They were $30, which would put me over my spending limit for the day, so after some consideration I decided to buy them. At the counter they rang up as $15–apparently they were half off! Then the cashier said all accessories were on sale on top of that, so they ended up being only $7.50! Needless to say, I’m proud of them~

I’ve been wanting some cute pastel heels for a while, so getting the perfect pair for only $7.50 definitely was a good end to the day.

The only problem is that now I want to purge my closet and replace everything with pastels… Oh well!

See you soon~


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Anime Los Angeles 2013

I really love Anime Los Angeles, it’s one of my favorite cons! This year was no exception.

A picture I took on the plane! Because I live in such a small town I had to catch a flight North to Portland and then all the way South to LA ;_; It sucked, especially because I JUST had flown down from Portland the day before!

First thing on Day 1 was our Rinne no Lagrange group!

Shannon, Angie, and I did a photoshoot with Rodney JG before we met up with the rest of our group. The tropical setting of the hotel courtyard fit really well with the feel of the anime!

Our group! I’ve only ever seen one Lagrange cosplayer before, so it was fun when people recognized us.

Angie and I changed into different costumes pretty quickly, since both of us were showing a lot of skin. I liked my wig, so I just put on my maid dress and was maid Muginami hehe.

I ran into Sparkle Pipsi in her Idol Minako costume! It’s even more beautiful in person~

I also saw these super cute Heartcatch Precure cosplayers!

The next morning we found this adorable Rikka from Chuu2!

Day 2 was the day of Dangan Ronpa. Before our shoots I met with Chas and Bianca while everyone else was getting ready.

Tsuritama cosplayers!

Imari is the best Komaeda~

While the SDR2 kids were getting their pictures, we took a shot! Myself as Fukawa, Lee as Asahina, and Callie as Naegi!

Our first photoshoot group: Chas, Bianca, Chira, Imari, Lee, myself, and Callie.

Escher met up with us with his male Asahina costume.

Katie and Callie as Junko and Naegi, their height difference is completely accurate to the game and makes me laugh every time I see this picture.

I even had a Togami hehe~

After our second shoot the SDR2 girls and I got lunch at Subway! It was really fun getting to catch up with everybody.

The second half of Day 2 was meido K-ON! Amara was our Sawa-chan, she looked so perfect!

Unfortunately she signed a contract with Kyubey almost immediately after we left the hotel room ;3; poor Sawa-chan…

Angie as Azusa, Amara as Sawako, myself as Ritsu, and Krissy as Yui! We did a cute photoshoot in the nice restaurant in the hotel, I can’t wait to see the pics!

The dealer’s hall had so much cute stuff!

I gave in and bought another Ringo figure. So far there’s 3 prize figures of her out, and they’re fairly inexpensive!

On the last day they filled up the restaurant with luggage to hold for people after they checked out, it was really strange-looking!

Angie took me into LA to get some food with some of her friends. It was my first time actually being in LA despite it being the 3rd time I had traveled there!

Overall, it was an amazing experience! I can tell I have a good time at cons when I forgot to photograph things because I’m too busy having fun haha. I was really feeling burnt out on conventions, but ALA definitely rekindled my love for them and my love for my con buddies!

The next convention I’m going to is Sakuracon 2013 in Seattle, I can’t wait!

♥ Katie

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Vassen Hanabi Gold + EOS Fairy Grey Circle Lens Review

In December I did an order from Pinky Paradise with my friends so we could get some new circle lenses for Anime Los Angeles 2013, and I was really pleased with the two that I purchased! I got the Vassen Hanabi Gold and the EOS Fairy Grey.

I’ll talk about the Vassen Hanabi Gold first.

I had never ordered Vassen contacts before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I mostly ordered these because I was cosplaying Muginami from Rinne no Lagrange who has very big, yellow eyes. I wanted something especially enlarging that wasn’t too creepy, so these caught my eye.

Natural Light:

Direct Light:

The design of the contacts is very… interesting. Because the inside “open” part is so big, my natural eye color shows through very obviously. My eyes are hazel, and on the lighter side of the “dark” spectrum of eye colors, so I think these would actually work better on someone with very dark eyes because it would blend better.

On the plus side, these are amazingly comfortable! I’ll sometimes forget I’m wearing them, they’re that comfy. I had heard good things about how Vassen lenses were comfortable, so I’m glad to find it’s true!

Here they are worn normally:

I often wear these with my big bottle-cap fashion glasses to help make the lenses less obvious, and the enlargement is really cute!

Next up are the EOS Fairy Grey lenses.

I was actually originally going to buy EOS’s Dolly Eye Grey since I needed a very bright, almost creepy grey color, but found them a little too expensive for me. Instead, I thought the Fairy Grey would work instead.

Natural Light:

Artificial Light:

I am absolutely in LOVE with these lenses! They look completely natural, covering my eye color without looking fake, but have just enough enlargement to be flattering. I was actually surprised at how vibrant they are, considering how clear they look when not worn. They’re also comfortable, just like the Hanabi Golds are, and these are actually my favorite to wear when going out. I’d absolutely suggest them to anyone looking for grey lenses.

Here they are worn normally:

I do really like both lenses, despite the strange design on the Hanabi Golds. I’ll definitely be looking at Vassen lenses in the future, since they have a lot of cool color and style options!

One of my favorite parts of ordering from Pinky Paradise is that every pair of lenses comes with a free animal-themed case! My friends and I also order together so we can get free shipping on our orders over $130. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone looking to buy some circle lenses!

My next post should hopefully be some pictures from ALA! See you then~

♥ Katie

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Curry from Coco Inchibanya

The night before Anime LA began, Angie took two of my friends and me to a really amazing curry place called Coco Ichibanya. It’s a Japanese restaurant chain that’s expanded to other parts of Asia as well as the West Coast, and I was super excited to go!

I think one of the coolest things about the menu is that they have pictures of all the dishes, that way you know exactly what you’re getting! It’s a really good idea.

I ordered Thai iced tea and vegetable curry. They were both amazing!

I wish there was a Coco Ichibanya in Oregon, it looks like all their US locations are in California. Hopefully I can go back soon!

♥ Katie

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Theatre Photoshoot

For the third time, my friend Tom Good set up a 4-hour photoshoot in a local black box theatre for cosplayers and photographers to use freely. I went to get some shots of my Fukawa costume, and to also test out some of my own photography skills.

My tongue for Fukawa’s Syo personality was really popular! When I was taking this picture, my friend walked into the room, saw me, and screamed.

I especially wanted to get some pictures in order to do composite photos of Fukawa and Syo together, so Tom and I worked together to achieve that.

The first time we did a photoshoot in this theatre was actually the first time I ever shot with Tom, for the Dark Woods Circus costumes that Haley and I made. It was three years ago, I can hardly believe it!

Of the photos I took, I think this is my favorite:

While some other people were shooting in the stage area of the theatre, Cristina and I checked out some other parts that were open, including this spot. It’s the bathroom! It had some really good light, so snapped a few quick shots that turned out surprisingly well.

Overall, it was a super fun shoot. I got to see a lot of my friends who I hadn’t seen in a while, and I got some nice pictures of Fukawa, too!

♥ Katie

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Stocking Cosplay Makeup Transformation Video

Just a quick update to show off the video I recorded of the transformation that goes on when I apply my makeup for Stocking.

There’s a list of the makeup I used in the video description.

♥ Katie

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